My friend won’t reveal secrets about her new baby

Dear Amy: In my post-college years, I had a close group of friends. As the years went by and our lives went in different directions, our contact with each other gradually decreased, but we still remained through Facebook, email, text and the occasional dinner Will keep in touch.

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One of the girls in this group, “Sheila,” moved to a different country several years ago. She was alone and “watching.”

Later in my communication with her I tried not to know about her dating life as I realized that not everyone likes to be asked about it.

Fast-forward to a few months ago. Another friend of the group who was living in that country thought that she had seen Sheela in a Facebook group (in that country’s language) asking for things for a four-month-old baby.

My friend asked me if I knew anything about Sheila having children (I didn’t).

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