ABBA’S WAY: My husband is hard of hearing. No matter what I ask him for or when we talk, he denies ever having spoken to him, asked him to do anything, etc.

When I suggest that he may have a hearing problem and should see a doctor, he becomes angry and belligerent and denies that there is something wrong with him. Our marriage turned into one big fight.

I asked him to say, “I didn’t hear you. Could you please repeat that? “When he doesn’t hear me, but it didn’t work. He still vehemently denies anything I said to him. If I can’t hear him clearly, please repeat what I didn’t hear.

How can I convince him he needs a hearing aid before these fights end our marriage?


DEAR ODE: This is an issue that both of you should discuss with your husband’s doctor, ideally before the next physical exam. Unfortunately, his denial is shared by many who equate hearing loss with something to be ashamed of.

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