CHICAGO (CBS) – Thirteen people fell ill after eating at a restaurant in the northwest suburbs.

McHenry County Health’s Department of Health is trying to find out what caused everyone to fall ill. CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray spoke to a woman who said she fell ill after eating at McHenry.

“From nausea, diarrhea, tremors, chills, fever.”

This is what Nicole Wanhala endured after eating at DC Cobb’s in McHenry County.

“It was pretty brutal, I’d say 24 hours,” said Wanhala.

The McHenry County Department of Health posted a reported outbreak of DC Cobb’s gastrointestinal disease on its Facebook page. Thirteen people fell ill after eating at the facility.

The restaurant is a local company with three locations: McHenry, Woodstock and East Dundee. Wanhala said she ate at McHenry last Friday.

“We got Buffalo cauliflower bites and then I was with my boyfriend and we all ordered a wrap,” Wanhala sad. “His didn’t have lettuce though, so I guess lettuce might be a factor.”

When she started to feel bad, she didn’t associate it with the meal.

– Not at all. I have eaten there many times already.

CBS 2 spoke to management at the McHenry location and said that after the group told them they got sick after eating there, the restaurant immediately called the McHenry County Health Department.

The health department said it received this first call, as well as a call from the person who ate there. Ask anyone who ate there between August 29 and September 13 to complete a survey. Wanhala filled it.

“They basically shared the entire menu and made you choose what you ordered, what you ate,” said Wanhala.

CBS 2 asked the restaurant why it stayed open following the outbreak. The rep said it was because the health department did not ask them to shut down.

“I am following them on Instagram and I saw them serving sandwiches today, come in, it was a bit of a head scratch for me,” said Wanhala.

So far, the health department said it has received 387 completed questionnaires that may include people who got sick and those who didn’t. CBS 2 asked the health department why the restaurant didn’t close, they replied:

“The MCDH assesses the current public health risk from additional disease during disease investigation. When an outbreak is associated with a food establishment and the MCDH determines that additional disease is likely to occur, the operating permit will be suspended immediately. If an investigation has linked a food item to a disease, MCDH personnel will work with the food establishment to understand how the food item was handled at the establishment from acceptance to handling and to identify any food processing failures that may have contributed to the disease. “

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