Nestor Cortes’ workload is a factor in the Yankees’ hunt for weapons on deadline

It didn’t factor in the outcome of the Yankees’ 8-2 win over Kansas City on Saturday afternoon, but another reason they are in the market for another starting pitcher is the fact that they are eyeing Nestor Cortés. Huh. Turn.

Manager Aaron Boone said he thought of keeping the left-handed batsman in mind before starting the sixth innings, keeping Cortes’ workload in mind.

“I had some thoughts about sending him back there,” Boone said, noting the other batsman was lefty-swing Vinny Pasquetino after right-handed Hunter Dossier.

Ultimately, however, Boone decided to pull Cortés after 90 pitches.

“They worked hard, it was a hot day [and] Turn [limit],’ said Boone. “Do I really want to pursue her [another] Two hitters?”

He is now in innings of 106 /₃, his highest number in the Major. He made 115 innings in the minors in 2018 after throwing 21/₃ in the off-season at the Dominican Winter Ball.

Nestor Cortes
Corey Sipkin

Cortés was strong again, conceding just two runs in five innings, bringing his season ERA to 2.53.

Now that Luis Castillo has been traded to Seattle — and due to face the Yankees this week — his focus has turned to Frankie Montas of Oakland as Tuesday’s trading deadline approaches.

Dj Lemhieu Belts Out An Rbi Single In The Fourth Inning Of The Yankees' Win.
DJ Lemhieu belts out an RBI single in the fourth inning of the Yankees’ win.
Corey Sipkin

DJ LeMahieu had three more hits, including Homer, his first leadoff of the season.

He has reached base several times in 16 of his last 19 starts.

“It’s remarkable,” Boone said of LeMahieu, who played first base on Saturday. “He’s getting on base at such a height [rate],

The manager also credited LeMahieu for taking advantage of the hitting in front of Aaron Judge.

“He’s getting results,” Boone said.

LeMahieu’s production makes up for Josh Donaldson’s latest meltdown.

Donaldson started in third place and went 0-for-4 with three strikes. He’s stuck in a 24 for 24 fall, with only one double and a walk in that section, and he’s whispered nine times.

He has hit no home runs since going deep for the third straight game on July 9, a period of 56 plate appearances in 15 games.

While exiting The Bronx, alongside Yankees fan-favorite target, Joey Gallo, Donaldson heard some glee after his third strikeout on Saturday.

Aaron Hicks’ struggle with the loaded bases came to the fore again.

For a second straight game, the outfielder came up with the bases filled. He went on to run a forced tie on Friday night, but he finished a rally at the end of the first Saturday.

With one out, Hicks landed in double play, the fifth of his career in that position.
This dropped him to 9-for-62 with a homer, 16 walks and 14 strikeouts with loaded bases.

Andrew Benintendi finished third in the Royals’ lineup 21 times this season, but on a more powerful Yankees offense, it seemed unusual to see a lefty swinger whose power was reduced to three-places on Saturday in 2022.

He walked three times and added a sacrificial fly.

Boone said that with Anthony Rizzo rounding out the lineup against right-hander Jonathan Hesley, he was looking for some balance after LeMahieu and Judge.

“I feel like [Benintendi] Any space is just as naturally fit as we have,” Boone said.

Giancarlo Stanton, still on the injured list with tendinitis of the left ankle, is not yet participating in baseball activities, but Boone said he is feeling better. Without Stanton as DH, Judge resumed there on Saturday for the second time in three games. … Isiah Kinner-Falefa hit base twice, but his 15-game hitting streak ended.

Boone attended Old-Timers’ Day celebrations before the game, wearing his number 19 jersey from his stint as a Yankees player in 2003.

Before the game, he was asked who he would like to see on the mound if the Old-Timers game again in the future, and he chose Roger Clemens.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing Rocket on the mound,” Boone said. “Maybe don’t face him. He was a fantastic teammate. [and] It’s a lot of fun to play with and be around. The way he treated everyone and how connected he was every day. He was someone everyone enjoyed being around. ,

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