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Netflix Streaming Cowboy Bebop Anime from October 21.

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Spike Spiegel is making a video call with someone else.
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In a few weeks time, Netflix’s upcoming live action adaptation. Shinichirō Watanabe’s Shepherd Beboop. It will eventually be over, and fans around the world will have a chance to meet. Newer versions of Spike, Jet and Faye. They will definitely want to compare with their dynamic counterparts. In anticipation of audience comparisons and contrast needs, Netflix is ​​preparing for another downturn.

In a move to common sense corporate integration, Netflix recently announced that all Shepherd Beboop. The original 26 episodes of the anime are coming to the platform over time so that viewers can watch the new show in preparation.

While the original. Shepherd Beboop. It has been relatively easy to stream to the West through various streaming services that have gained rights over the years. Cast Weekly entertainment. Reports that for the Japanese dub of the Netflix show, mostly original mobile phones. Voice overcast will reproduce his role, including Kochi Yamadira, who voiced Spike, Titan Kosnoki as Jet, and Megumi Hayashibar as Fi. In a statement to EW, Yamadira said that, as a fan of both series, and anyone looking forward to direct action, he could “feel strong respect.” [Netflix’s show] Towards mobile phone. “

“I hope the audience will see the atmosphere of the spike character that I first portrayed in the performance of John Cho, who is playing the role skillfully in this version,” Yamadra said. “There are a lot of settings and developments that can only be pulled in a live action series. I hope that both those who love Cowboy Beep and those with a new title can enjoy this new series.

Shepherd Beboop. (Mobile Phone) Will hit Netflix on October 21 with Shepherd Beboop. (Live Action Show) Debut on November 19

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