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Netflix’s Trans Employees intend to protest against the Chapel Special.

Photo courtesy of Netflix's Trans Employees Plan New Walk Dave Chapel Special.

Image: Mario Tama / Staff (Getty Images)

Reject comments made by Netflix Ted Serendous, CEO of Dave Chappell’s latest comedy special Close, Employees of several streaming platforms, transgender, are planning a nationwide walkout on October 20.

In the wake of the release of the new special – which has a fiery commentary on the LGBTQ + community and Chapel’s own declaration that he identifies as a “trans executive radical feminist.” Edge Received an internal organizing message posted by Netflix’s Trans Employee Resource Group leader who works on failing to fulfill its mission to make the platform comprehensive, globally pleasing content.

“The TransLive issue. The issue of trans rights and as an organization, Netflix has repeatedly failed to show deep concern in our mission to entertain the world by releasing content that harms the trans community. Trans content has consistently failed to represent and elevate content. “We can and we can improve!”

The excitement of the upcoming walkout comes just a day later. Reported Netflix suspended three employees for attending an unauthorized meeting during the platform’s two-day quarterly business review. At the event, Sarandos briefed the company’s top 500 employees on how they should respond to employees and talent who are concerned about Chapel’s remarks. One of the employees in question – Transfield and Terrafield, who works as the company’s senior software engineer – reported that by Tuesday night, he had been reinstated at the company.

“Netflix reinstated me after learning that I had no intention of attending the QBR meeting,” Field wrote in a tweet Tuesday evening. “I’ve included the statement I requested. I’m going to take a few days off and try to figure out where I am. At least, I prove it. “

Prior to the restoration, Field had obscured the harmful implications of Chapel’s commentary in the now-viral Twitter thread, describing ways to make “jokes” directly harmful to the transgender community. ۔

“Promoting the TERF theory (which we did yesterday by giving it a platform) directly harms trans people, it’s not an impartial process,” Field wrote in the series. Tweets “This is not an argument of two sides. It is an argument with trans people who want to live and those who do not want to be us.

Despite the fact that Chapel’s anti-trans sentiments drew strong criticism online in the wake of the special’s release, Sarandos apparently ignited a flame of outrage with an internal memo. Different types. Got a copy of

“Chappell is one of today’s most popular stand-up comedians, and we have a long-standing contract with him,” Serendus wrote to Netflix staff. His latest special, “Sticks and Stones”, which is also controversial, is one of our most watched, sticky and most award-winning stand-up specials.

He added, “Like our other capabilities, we work hard to support their creative freedom – although that means there will always be content on Netflix that some people think is harmful.” ۔ “

The organizing message, published by Netflix’s Trans ERG Group, specifically addressed the issue, with some of the company’s corporate communications showing that employees who identified Streamer’s LGBTQ were involved in the dispute. Have a brief look at

“The way we’ve discussed everything between slack, email, text, and our leadership has shown us that they don’t uphold the values ​​we hold.” “Between numerous emails and non-replies, we are clearly told that we somehow do not understand the importance of certain content.”


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