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New California laws that Newsom signed on issues ranging from spices to condoms.

Gavin Newsom of the California government campaigned to retain his job in the summer, and with a landslide victory in hand, he continued to push progressive California further to the left.

Four weeks after defeating the reminder effort, Democrats signed legislation requiring gender-neutral displays at major department stores for children’s toys and toothbrushes, condom condoms during sex. Removal without has been made illegal and the first way has been cleared for a nation. Ban on sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers

It also made it illegal for abortion clinics to ban secret jobs related to intimidation, harassment or discrimination, and to limit the use of rubber bullets by police during protests. It even banned restaurants from offering ketchup packets and other disposable spices unless consumers asked for them.

California is one of the country’s deepest blue states – Democrats control all state offices and have a large majority in the legislature, which today often serves as a laboratory for liberal policies that many other states do not vote on. Will The governor has a lot of power to make laws because California legislators rarely reject vetoes.

If it had been a normal non-election year, Newsom would have been more cautious in its 2022 re-election campaign. But in early September, with the governor having to review legislation in just three days out of a 30-day period, Newsom surely defeated the Republican-led attempt to oust him.

Just three days after this election, Newsom. Sign two laws Aimed at limiting single-family zoning in California, a drastic change for a multi-community state that defines a suburb but now lacks affordable housing.

According to an analysis by veteran lobbyist Chris Mitchell, Newsom signed 92 percent of the bills that lawmakers put on its table, tracking the governor’s veto for years.

The result was “Odds of Progressive Legislation and Odds of Virtual Signaling,” said Bill Whelan, a policy fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank at Stanford University.

“Traditionally, we have governors who are more centralized than newsrooms,” he said. “Now remember, this is a governor who is not really threatened in any way.”

But what is considered progressive in most parts of the country can be seen as moderate in California.

Newsom angered many on the state’s left, including its veto. Blocking the bill State contractors must verify that their supply chains are not conducive to tropical deforestation.

He also dropped a bill that would have been made. J. Walking LegalLawyers say action is needed because police stop disproportionately and give black people a ticket to crime.

And it blocked a bill that would allow farmers to vote by mail in union elections, a decision that angered some workers. Protested. For French laundry, the San Francisco Bay Area fancy restaurant where Newsom was photographed eating without a mask during an epidemic. The newsroom scene with lobbyist friends helped keep the memory going when he was telling others to stay home.

In the weeks leading up to the recall, lawmakers said the Newsom administration was extraordinarily involved in the legislative process, which prompted amendments to the bills of its choice. They. Sign a law California became the first state to ban mega-retailers such as Amazon from firing workers for missing quotas that interfere with bathroom and rest breaks.

According to Assembly author Lorina Gonzalez, the author of the bill, she urged lawmakers to enforce state standards for language regulators at reasonable speeds.

Gonzalez, a San Diego-based Democrat and chairman of the powerful Assembly Appropriations Committee, said, “From someone who might consider himself to the left of this governor.” “If you look at some of the bills, as they started, and then where they ended up because of the administration’s input, then you see what’s going on.”

Lawmakers did not send as many bills to Newsom as they normally would. The epidemic is limited to where and how often legislators can hear the committee, prompting legislators to limit legislators to writing 12 bills. And it was the first year of a two-year legislative session, so many controversial proposals were considered until next year.

A bill would eliminate the crime of looting with the intention of prostitution, a lawyer has said, targeting black women and eunuchs. Bill Legislature approved, But the author decided not to send it to Newsom yet.

Gonzalez believes lawmakers exercised “too much self-discipline” during the session, realizing that forcing newsom on polarizing issues could hurt him in the by-elections.

But Los Angeles-based Democrat Sen. Sidney Kamlagar said some lawmakers may have delayed the bill because they were worried about how it would affect Newsom’s political future, saying “lawmakers I am also ego. ” Governors are “always involved” in legislation, he said.

“You want the governor or the administration to be involved, because a policy that doesn’t fit or can’t be implemented becomes just a dream,” he said.

Next year, Legislators can send newsom legislation to regulate health care prices and enforce covid vaccines or testing mandates for employers, decisions that the governor will have to make during his re-election campaign. But those decisions may now be easier for the newsroom that despite the Republicans’ protests, their political power has been withdrawn. Newsom defeated Yadav’s attempt by more than 60% of the vote.

“Life has become difficult and expensive for families, yet Democrats are banning ketchup packets and gas-powered lawn mowers,” said Republican Senate leader Scott Wilk. “I hope 2022 Sacramento makes some sense.”


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