‘New IRS Force’ Aims at Small Businesses, Says Marjorie Taylor Green

Georgia Representative Majorie Taylor Green said funds from the Inflation Reduction Act would be used to arm “the new IRS force of Democrats.” Green, left, attends an event on May 24, 2022 in Rome, Georgia; Shown, on the right, outside the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, DC.
Left: Jessica McGowan, Right: Karen Blair/AFP/Getty

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia said Democrats are assembling a newly armed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “force” that will target small business owners.

Green said Friday that passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which is expected soon due to a recent bill backed by liberal Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona, will help the IRS establish a new force for the target. will provide an $80 billion fund for -Income American and small business. While the bill provides about $80 billion in IRS funding over the next decade, some of which could be used to hire new employees, the money is not expected to be used to establish a new armed force.

Green on Friday tweeted“87,000 IRS agents will be hired with $80 billion of taxpayer dollars when the Senate reconciliation bill is passed later this week. And they’re also buying more guns and ammo. Low- to middle-income Americans and small business Democrats want to be able to do that.” The primary goals of the new IRS will be strength.”

Green isn’t the only prominent conservative suggesting that the IRS is stockpiling arms and ammunition as part of a plan to liberate the Armed Tax Collection Force. Fox News host Tucker Carlson to plead strongly His audience should be “very concerned” that the government is “treating the IRS as a military agency” Thursday night.

“In 2018, the Government Accountability Office reported that more than 2,000 IRS enforcement agents have more than 4,000 weapons,” he reported. Tucker Carlson Tonight the audience. “Guns. Those that kill people, remember? The IRS is also stockpiling more than 50 million pieces of ammunition.”

While the IRS has acquired guns and ammunition for its existing Criminal Investigation Division, this practice is not new and has been frequent during the administrations of both Democrats and Republicans.

IRS Division Involved About 2,500 special agents who are capable of carrying firearms. Agents have been armed since the division’s inception in 1919.

Armed agents do not exist to coerce the unpaid taxes of typical American taxpayers. Instead, they usually hub On investigation of tax violations of people involved in serious criminal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking and organized crime.

While the Inflation Reduction Act includes funds to enforce the collection of unpaid taxes, most IRS enforcement activities do not involve armed agents. There is no evidence of any plans specifically targeting middle-income Americans and small-business owners.

Green’s claim that the bill would lead to the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents appears to be based on the Biden administration. assessment of Not just agents, but 87,000 new IRS employees were hired over the past decade.

Last month, Green joined three GOP allies, including Florida Representative Matt Getz. introduce A bill called the “Disarm the IRS Act,” which would prevent the agency from obtaining more ammunition.

newsweek The IRS has been reached for comment.

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