Mayor Adams, the night marquess who likes to visit the city’s clubs, has He said“If you’re going to hang out with the boys at night, you have to get up with the men in the morning.”

And after winning last year’s Democratic Mayor’s primaries, he gave a rare shot to his ally, late-rising then-Mayor Bill de Blasio, telling hotel staff he believes they need a mayor who “gets up at the same time you get up.” “

Detailed daily schedules for Adams’s first six months in office seem to confirm that the new mayor is getting to city affairs earlier that day than his predecessor.

According to an analysis of the schedules that were obtained by the Daily News at the request of freedom of information and in advance published by City & State.

Fabien Levy, a spokesman for Adams, said texts from the mayor often start arriving much earlier than 8 a.m.

In 2019, an analysis of de Blasio’s work schedules showed that he started his average working day at 10:11 the previous year, a 52-minute regression from 2014, his first year in the position.

The new analysis is based on the first item in each of Adams’s daily schedules. Schedules are eclipsed but reflect the most complete published report on the Mayor’s Daily Agenda to date.

Weekends are not included in the analysis, although Adams did not take a day off after January 4, the first day schedules are publicly available.

De Blasio, who admitted he was not an injured man, started his average working day around 9 a.m. during the first month in the office prior to the deviation, according to an analysis of his schedules.

He maintained that he started work around 6 a.m. and that his calendar only contained formal meetings and telephone calls.

De Blasio’s predecessor, Mike Bloomberg, was known to typically arrive at City Hall around 7.30am and leave town on weekends.

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