New York Republicans Are Falling for Eric Adams

“New York politics has often been dominated by Democratic primaries, where the most extreme situation wins out, and the wider voting population is left in the dark,” said New York City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli, a Republican who has an alliance with the mayor. Said in an interview. “It’s a lot bigger than just a Democratic mayor. This is what almost every single Democratic politician tells me personally but is intimidated by his Democratic primary voting constituents.

The star-crossed affair between Adams and the GOP – one that the mayor turned down – began on Tuesday, when Adams urged Hochul to call the state legislature back to Albany from its summer vacation and tighten the state’s bail laws, Which was relaxed in 2020. The body had already regrouped once, after breaking for years, to strengthen gun rules and abortion rights in response to a pair of seismic Supreme Court decisions handed down in June.

“I hope they do,” Adams said at City Hall. “I do hope that, just as we had a special call to return to Albany to deal with the regime on the right to carry, I believe that Albany should be able to come and reconsider some of such violence. One should consider what we are seeing again and again in criminals.”

Adams was responding to allegations that a teen recently released without bail in a robbery case later attacked a cop in a city subway. But this petition has also come a few days after the alleged assault of rape. Lee ZeldinHochul’s Republican challenger, at a campaign event near Rochester. The accused attacker was released without bail after the county district attorney, co-chair of the Zeldin campaign, accused the man of not being eligible for bail under New York state law.

The story quickly gained national attention, as the country grapples with rising violent crimefeed for Fox News And republicans on twitter,

So, when Adams asks Hochul to reconsider the state’s bail laws, and he refuses, Zeldin announces that he will answer the categorical call if given the chance.

“Mayor Adams is crying out as the elected mayor of New York City on behalf of the millions of New Yorkers who don’t feel safe in their city,” Zeldin said at a press conference Thursday. “I look forward to working with the Mayor of New York City to make New York City’s streets, subways, homes and residents safe.”

Long Island Congressman started early new digital advertising Hochul, and ridiculed the mayor’s comments, as he sought to link Adams’ adamant stance to the rest of the mayor’s party.

“I understand that the election is coming up on November 8. My support for the position of mayor is going to make many Democrats uncomfortable. It could also make the mayor uncomfortable,” he said at the press conference. because I am running against the incumbent governor of his own party.”

Adams was sworn in to tackle rising crime, but unrest remains spike continued Since he assumed office in January. He partly blamed state bail reforms passed in 2019 and enacted in 2020, which require judges to free suspects in nonviolent felonies and most misdemeanors, rather than hold them on cash bail.

Current and former police commissioners, police unions and bail bond custodians have blamed reforms for rising crime in New York City – reflecting national trends, Even in courts that have not made similar changes in bail law.

The state has twice withdrew parts of the bail law, and Adams wants to move forward by allowing judges to consider whether the defendant poses a public danger, rather than merely estimating their flight risk. (Zeldine’s alleged assailant, who was acquitted of state charges, was later held in federal cases and could remain in custody pending sentencing because federal courts, unlike New York state courts, deemed dangerous. may take the defendants into custody).

Adams also wants juvenile offenders charged as adults in violent or gun-related cases, another position shared by the GOP. (The juvenile defendant who instigated his bail reform remarks was acquitted by a family court, which cannot grant bail.)

On Friday, Adams rejected Zeldin’s offer, criticized the conservative’s stance on gun control and Reiterating his support for Hochulu,

“When you look at the fact that Congressman Zeldin was one of the few congressmen who voted against the simple, smart way of dealing with gun violence, it’s clear that we’re not aligned with public safety. So I support Governor Hochul,” Adams told reporters.

“They refused to deal with the over-proliferation of guns,” Adams said, adding that he owned three guns.

Hochul campaign spokesman Jarrell Harvey also targeted Zeldin with firearms.

“His extreme stance put more guns on our streets and made it easier to carry firearms to places like schools, subways and grocery stores,” Harvey said. “The facts are clear, Zeldin is dangerously out of touch and will make New York less safe.”

Nevertheless, Republican State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ort welcomed Adams as he sought to separate the moderate mayor from the Democratic “political ruling class in Albany”.

“New York City Mayor Adams joined our call for a special legislative session today to address bail reform and other public safety concerns,” he said. “Our Senate Republican convention is ready to repeal bail reform and restore public safety in our state. Voters will have to make a change this November.”

State Sen. Mike Giannaris — the campaign arm of Senate Democrats and sponsor of the 2020 bail reform — said in Adams’ alignment with Republicans on the issue, the mayor isn’t doing Democrats any favors.

“It’s not great when members of our own party are misrepresenting issues to our detriment,” Gianaris said in an interview. “They [Adams and the GOP] The two embraced each other and their inner democracies… All the data shows that the issue of bail is not fueling an increase in crime… I think the mayor solves this problem. Trying to divert attention from his inability to do so.

Anna Grunwald and Julian Schen-Bero contributed to this report.

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