New Zealander stunned by US work culture

The Internet is Weighing in on a Viral Post Asking “Are Americans OK?” About the work culture of the country.

Post Found on the popular reddit forum r/antiworks. The original poster (OP), u/fantails-dragonflies, has earned over 44,200 upvotes and 11,200 comments for sharing his confusion.

“I live in New Zealand, and while it is not perfect, we have a minimum wage of $21.40 an hour, 4 weeks of annual leave, 12 public holidays and 10 days of sick leave per year mandated by law. We still have labor There are shortages and bad employers but all workers have rights and no one can be fired without reason (after 90 days). The posts here are enough to give me nightmares,” u/fantail-dragonflies wrote.

The minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour – although many states and even some cities have passed laws raising the minimum wage in their jurisdiction. The figure quoted by u/fantails-dragonflies, NZ$21.40 per hour, applies to adult workers in the country, and works up to $13.53 an hour in US currency.

According to a chart by Statista, this would put New Zealand at the top of the countries with the highest minimum wages. Although New Zealand is not on the list, Australia topped the chart in 2019 with a minimum wage equivalent to $12.60 in US currency based on rates. The US was ranked ninth on the list out of 12 countries. France, Germany and the Netherlands followed Australia, with the US, Israel, Turkey and Russia at the bottom of the list.

A Reddit Post Asking “Are Americans OK?” There was talk of comparing US rules for workers with those of other countries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for vacation time, the average year consists of 10 days or two work weeks, but there is no federal minimum for the number of vacation days—or paid public holidays for that matter. Is. According to Wikipedia’s list of minimum annual leave by country, Andorra 31 offers the highest amount of paid vacation days.

Taking the average figure of 10 days in the US, Wikipedia lists 157 countries that offer more paid vacation days. Another 24 countries offer 10 days of paid vacation, while 17 countries, including Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines, offer less than 10 days of paid leave – with seven countries including the US, requiring no days off. it occurs.

When it comes to paid public holidays, both Iran and Cambodia top the list with 27. Again, the US has no legal requirement, but on average, companies offer 8 public holidays per year. Using the average as a baseline, 158 other countries offer more paid holidays, with only the Netherlands offering 8 paid holidays.

Given sick leave, the US again has no federal requirement for companies to offer sick leave, although the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that on average American workers were given 7 days of sick leave a year. The laws regarding sick leave are more complex than others—however, according to payroll company IRIS FMP, 145 countries offer paid sick leave; Of those, 127 offer at least one week per year.

Several Redditors chimed in on their feelings regarding the OP’s question.

“No,” u/What_Is_The_Meaning wrote in the top-rated comment, earning 22,900 upvotes for its two-character post.

“Worst of all, most of us know and hate that we’re not okay, yet please fix this no real protest ‘Oops, all police violence’ brand cereal,” wrote u/Fenner . “If all 3 people in my household catch COVID, we’ll be unpaid and homeless. It’s awful.”

“About 1% are f**king peaches,” wrote u/flat-house5529. “About 10% of other people are doing well enough to be happy. The rest are straight f**ked. The problem is about 80% of this last group don’t realize it yet.”

“No. I’m a CIO. It took me 15 years to earn 5 weeks of vacation – this includes sick time and there’s a limit to what we can earn,” u/eviljson wrote. “I am looking for work now and most places are offering 1 or 2 weeks of paid time off – again, this includes vacation and sick. I can be fired at any time if I kiss the right a**es I can be fired at any time and get 7 weeks pay but no benefits. I regularly work 12 hours a day and pull up to 20 hours on occasion.”

“This thread is so embarrassing – from a fellow New Zealander. We are not all such glat-y a**holes. I can assure you that no one is living an idyllic life on minimum wage in New Zealand. The cost of living f* * Raja is crazy. You won’t believe our cost of groceries and housing compared to what we earn. I’m on a very good salary and like hell can I ever buy a house,” u/taro_milk_tea_tw wrote.

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