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Nicholas Chilan warns that China is winning the AI ​​war.

Of air ForceThe country’s first chief software officer has resigned, warning that the United States is losing the race for cyber and artificial intelligence. China.

If the US government does not wake up immediately, Nicholas Chilan. They say there will be no obstacle China By winning the battle

Mr. چیلان۔37, left the government in September, and of that Curriculum advises to the United States have drawn Washington’s attention from Capitol Hill to the Department of Defense.

They. Said They Critics have received death threats. of that Warning about ChinaAdvantages in AI and cyber.

“The basic message is that we have not lost the war but we need to wake up and we do not have the luxury of time and we cannot hear any more reports and Congress has asked the DOD to study the matter further. And spend 50% of AI funding we get on ethics. “We need to focus on capabilities and we need to deliver it fast using smart methods and we can’t get stuck in time. ۔ ”

The tech sector’s hatred of working with the US government is an issue that helps. China Competitive advantage, said Mr. Chelan, who said Silicon Valley was inadvertently influenced by the Chinese.

He said the ability of private companies to come up with all the artificial intelligence in the United States was “terrible” if they chose to work with it. China But not the United States

“It’s relevant because you see that many of these techniques effectively demean the US military but there is still no problem when their own companies do business. ChinaMr Chelan said. “And they just don’t know. They don’t see what we see. They don’t see the categorical things we see, they don’t see what’s happening.

The public can see Mr Chelan’s concerns on their social media accounts on platforms like Lund Inn and Twitter, and Congress has taken note. After Mr. Chelan published his resignation letter in September criticizing the government’s “backwardness,” South Dakota Republican Sen. Mike Rounds highlighted Mr. Chelan’s departure from the government during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last week.

“The recent resignation of the former software officer highlighted growing concern and frustration over the lack of investment in new technologies to enable joint command and control,” Mr Roundes said during the hearing. “More importantly, it highlights the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent in positions necessary to meet the growing global threats in each domain.”

Mr Chelan said he was ready to attend hearings with Congress, but wanted part of his testimony to be declassified so that the public could hear what was really going on.

He said he tried to raise concerns internally but was disappointed by the lack of change of government.

“I wanted to make sure that one, we can raise the issue because I tried to raise it internally for three years and I said very good things and I never heard wrong things but then I think. It was time for me to go for a walk and I didn’t see it, “said Mr Chelan. “And with the new administration, it’s actually gotten worse because they’re not effectively funding what we’re really trying to do, and that’s when I decided to go.”

Among the initiatives the government wants to see are active software development practices, DevSecOps, new programs that integrate development, security and information technology operations, and investment in enterprise services. Mr Chelan said the benefits of increasing the delivery capacity of the new software were evident in a company like SpaceX that could update its software in a day, while the government would take one to five years.

While Mr Chelan has called for immediate action, Congress is taking a different approach, including directing the federal government to prepare new reports on artificial intelligence.

A major defense bill passed by the House last month directs the Secretary of Defense to review potential applications for artificial intelligence and set performance objectives within a year of implementing the legislative proposal.

The proposal for further official studies follows the formation of the National Security Commission for Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) in previous years’ major defense bill, which this year submitted a 752-page report to Congress and President Biden. How to spend billions of taxpayers. To avoid the dollar going backwards. China On artificial intelligence

According to the NSCAI website, 19 of its recommendations were included in the previous defense bill and more are still being debated.

Mr. Chelan’s passion for winning the cyber race immediately. China Became personal, as he moved from France to the United States, became an American citizen, and started a family. He called his work inside the government a “miracle” because he was able to increase ranks from the outside.

He said the reason was that he was urging the United States to bring about change in order to win the race for artificial intelligence. China Because he wants to give back to America and is worried about the future of his children.

“I have three kids, and from here it started to get really personal because I was starting to see how far behind we were and even on the things we used to do, slowly but surely they catch on. had been.” Chelan said. “And I started to wonder what chance my daughters would have in the world 20 years from now? And I was really worried and that’s where it really happened. [a] I really need to do more. ”

Of air Force Didn’t respond to requests for comment. Mr Chelan said. air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has approached him about offering free consultant services, and he has agreed to do so.

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