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Nicki Minaj eventually responded to a lawsuit alleging intimidation of Jennifer Howe’s witness.

Nikki Minaj and Kenneth Patty. Case of harassment and intimidation of a witness. Just took another turn.

Be jenniferPetty, who was convicted of sexual assault in 1995, recently asked for a 20 million pre-trial verdict in the case of intimidating his witness against the couple when he had to respond to her case. I failed. Howe’s lawyer, Taron Blackburn, said he received an email from Minaj on Thursday night from attorney Jude Burstein requesting that Blackburn withdraw his request and extend his response.

“I said no!” Blackburn told the Daily Beast in an email. “I told her to prepare her opposition to my request for a pre-determined decision and tell the court why her client and her husband believe they are both above the law.”

Petty was convicted of attempted first-degree rape in 1995 and has since denied the allegations. Huff, who was originally identified in anonymity because of his age, shared his story with her. Daily Best. Only his first name was used in March. He alleged that the couple’s partners began pressuring him to withdraw his sexual abuse claim when Patti, who is married to Manaj, was last registered as a sex offender in the state of California. Missed date.

Hoff said she was forced to move to another state three times for fear of reprisals, following a series of bribes and threats. It became impossible for him to know who to trust. He filed a lawsuit in August against Patti for deliberately causing emotional distress, harassment and intimidation of a witness.

“I’ve never been a fan of thugs,” Hao said. Daily Best. As he brought his case. “I taught my kids, don’t be a bully and you don’t stand up and watch someone become a bully. And I guess that’s how I feel in this situation.

Half a month later. It first appeared on television. Original, Where he and Blackburn discussed the original rape case and its aftermath, as well as new charges. She recounted in tears how she had spent years blaming herself for the attack – “hiding inside, living and living through insecurity, using them for your own protection.” “If I don’t look in a certain way, I won’t get any special attention. I’ve been that way all my life.”

I’ve never been a fan of thugs. I taught my kids, don’t be a bully and don’t stand up and watch someone become a bully. And I guess that’s how I feel in this situation.

Now, however, things are different. As Huff said. Original“What they did to me and my family was not right … It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter what your status is. You can’t scare people to make things better.

Judd Burston’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment by the Daily Beast. Representatives from Minaj and Petty did not respond to requests for comment during our initial reporting.

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