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‘No one is safe’: Antivirals who targeted Jeremy Wine threatened to search homes across the country.

A group of Antivirals Which targeted the broadcaster. Jeremy Wine. Has threatened to go to the homes of journalists, politicians and judges who are supported. Corona virus vaccines.

One activist claimed that he “knows where everyone lives” and that “no one is safe” during a coordinated campaign across the UK.

About a dozen people visited Mr Wayne’s home on Sunday morning, saying they wanted to issue a “notice of responsibility” alleging that the vaccine was harmful.

Mr Wayne said he was “disturbed” by the stunt, which he saw filmed by his wife answering the group’s door.

The person who recorded the incident said the broadcaster was targeted because “he wastes money on vaccines” and “is part of it”.

In a video posted to a conspiratorial ideological group on Encrypted. Telegram App, the man added: “We’ve got his address, we know where he lives, we know where everyone lives, we know where each of these TV presenters is. … We are going to their house and they are going to serve.

“It can’t happen today, it can’t happen tomorrow, it can’t happen next weekend. We have people all over the country serving at these addresses, so if you’re a judge, if you’re a politician, if you It doesn’t matter if you are a councilor – we’ve got your address and we’re coming to your door and we’re going to serve you.

The video was shared across several telegram groups, each with more than 25,000 followers, and has been viewed nearly 4,000 times on the platform as of Monday afternoon.

Commenting on posts on the channel, some members directed threatening messages to Mr. Wayne, with the text: “Wait until we come with Jeremy.”

On Sunday night, the worker who filmed the stunt posted a separate video stating that police had not met with Mr Wayne at his home.

“We will continue to do what we are doing, we will continue to serve the people, we have found everyone’s address, no one is safe,” he added.

YouTube bans vaccine misinformation and prominent antivirals.

“We have trained people all over the country to serve these celebrities and politicians.”

The same group visited the home of Dr. Hillary Jones, a GP known for her appearances on ITV. Good morning uk, On October 2.

Similar “liability notices”, which are not believed to have any legal weight, have been taken to vaccination centers, schools and other targets across the UK.

Some individual incidents have been investigated by police, but it is not clear which force is looking at the groups behind them more broadly.

When asked about the incident at Mr Wayne’s home, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police are aware of the videos posted on social media and have contacted the man to see if he wants to discuss the matter further. Is.”

Kent police officers responded to the incident at Dr. Hillary’s home and said an investigation was ongoing, although no arrests had been made.

A spokesman added, “Officers attended and gave words of advice to residents and protesters.”

It has emerged during a wave of antiviral activities, including regular protests, publicity stunts and campaigns to put pressure on schools and other institutions.

Many groups have forged legal documents aimed at preventing recipients from getting vaccinated, and pamphlets imitating official NHS and official communications.

Last year, a report by the Commission on Extremism (CCE) said the epidemic had seen an increase in exposure to various conspiracy theories, including anti-wax movements.

“They are not specific to any one ideology, but are used by far-right, far-left and Islamists to advance their ideological goals,” the report added.

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