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‘No Time to Die’ is probably the second most popular Bond film after ‘Octopus’

It's not time for the James Bond box office Amazon MGM to die.
The end of Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die 007 and the beginning of a new future for James Bond. MGM

Let the mourning begin. I No time to die James Bond has died after 25 episodes of the famous series about England’s most enchanting secret agent – which means he will never return to his current form. This is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance as 007, so enjoy his already indivisible stockism for the last time. Do it, I hurry, only if you are forever devoted to an imaginary action hero who can do nothing wrong in your heart. In my opinion, he ran out of steam long ago, and now in retirement from the Secret Service of His Majesty, he has no charm, no intellect, no sexual appeal, no deadly lust for women and he loses his hair Is. He dies from stray bullets, deja vu, stale dialogue and mixed reviews. Car chases, combat sequences (there are two), helicopter shots, never ending guns and exploding warheads have all been done before.

There is no time to die
(1/4 stars))
Directed by: Kerry Joji Fuknaga.
written by:
Neil Purius, Robert Wade, Kerry Joji Fukunga.
Acting: Daniel Craig., Leah Sedox, Lishana Lynch, Rami Malik, Jeffrey Wright, Anna de Armas, Billy Magnuson, David Densk.
running time: 2 hours, 45 minutes.

That may be to be expected. You don’t go to a James Bond movie to learn something new. Go to the latest girls, gadgets and exotic places. Entertainment values ​​always appear, there is a special lift of violence and bloodshed that defines and refutes the notion, and who else will have it? You don’t always remember what you saw the next day, but you know you had some fun. This time Josh fades like the popcorn that went with it, and for me, Ennoi gets on his toes. There is no time to die. It may not be the worst James Bond film ever, but it has been in fierce competition as the weakest film ever since. Octopus The only difference of the film is that it is a James Bond epic that eventually makes 007 a crashing bore.

Directed with more boyhood than the harmony described by Kerry Joji Fuknaga, from a much more, self-consciously developed script by less than five authors, There is no time to die. Hips and stumbles everywhere, but you can still write the plot on the head of the carpet tech. It opens with a flashback to the Italian Alps, where a mysterious thug in a white mask rushes through the ice to kill the mother of a young Madeleine Swan, but the young Madeleine escapes. Cut to the chase, all grown up as Léa Seydoux, who may or may not be married with one-eyed eyes, 007 00007. His bulletproof vest, Austin Martin, has been planted by agents of the Two Crimes Syndicate Spectrum in Town Square, and he throws Madeleine, thinking he has cheated on her. This is the end of Bond and Madeleine, but the film is just beginning. It helps you know the history of Ian Fleming, including the bond with Wesperland. Casino Royale, Also the meaning of the specter (you took me there). While trying to enjoy his retirement in Cut to Bond Jamaica, he is just trying to join forces with his old comrade, CIA agent Felix Letter (Jeffrey Wright) Preparation could be stopped. “Which enters the bloodstream to kill the DNA of an infected person, and which can spread like a COVID-19 virus and eventually destroy the world.”

Soon the screen is filled with third characters, including Litter K. Paul Ash (Billy Magnuson) who turns out to be a double agent, kidnapping M16 scientist Waldo Obrochio (David Denisk) who invented nanobots, a new agent whose The name was Naomi (Lashana Lynch). He is named Bond’s old 007 code number, and a sexy M16 agent named Paloma then the great, lost Christoph Waltz, who is doing his job. The silence of the sheep Rip off in a paid sale in London, and mastermind Lucifer Safin, Rami Malik played offensively, which won an Oscar. Bohemian Rhapsody I still wonder for a reason. He could have taught Lou Costello hysterical over-acting.

Cut off on an island off the coast of Japan, where Safin controls nano-boats from a Nazi bunker surviving World War II and launches a wide-ranging battle of the Third Act, leading to Daniel Craig’s 007 era of bloody troops and Ends with a bomb that destroys the landscape. Rhode Island-sized Madeleine appears with one of her own daughters, whom she calls James Bond’s daughter, but doesn’t make any sense in the film, so after 165 minutes of boldness, start asking why now. ? Something special disappeared when he killed M and Judy Dench went out with him (M is now Ralph Faines, who has learned to grumble) and in my view Daniel Craig has never been the only one to replace Sean Connery. ۔ Still, I think he deserves a better farewell party. There is no time to die. Send more than send.

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