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None of Fiona Hill, Trump and Putin saw either.

Washington (AP) – Vladimir Putin. Paid less attention to Fiona Hill, A well-known American expert. Russia, When They Was sitting next to It At dinner. Putin’s men were kept. They There by design, choosing an “unexplained woman”. They Put it that way, the Russian president’s attention will not be matched.

Fluency in Russian, They Men who forget are often talked about carefully. They Was there and wrote it all down later, They Remembered in an Associated Press interview. “Hey, if I were a boy you wouldn’t talk like that in front of me.” They “But go ahead. I’m listening.”

Mountain Similarly, when not expected to be hidden They Later I went to work for another world leader, Donald Trump, As of that Russia I am a consultant White house. They Could see inside PutinWrote an admirable book about the head of ItBut Trump did not want to. They , Either. They Neglected They After the meeting, there was a mistake once. They For secretary and calling They “Darlene.”

Still, though, They Was listening. They Reading like Trump. They Had read Putin.

The result is “there’s nothing for you.” They Book last week. Unlike all other authors in the Trump administration, They Don’t be rude too much. They The book, which measured but testified to Trump’s first impeachment, presents a more serious, and thus more alarming, picture of the 45th president.

If Hill’s accent is stopped, it’s because of a thousand cuts. It shows how dedicated his career is to understanding and handling the Russian threat. They Revealed that the biggest threat to the United States comes from within.

In the description of the wall, They Praises a president who has a strong appetite for praise and has little taste for government – a man who says what others say It As US relations with other countries rise or fall, foreign leaders were flattered in their remarks.

“From of that The staff and everyone who came in. of that Orbit, Trump demands constant attention and respect, ” They Writes. Especially in international affairs, “the president’s false and weak self-confidence was a point of grave weakness.

Mountain Explains Putin Trump’s offer of praise or withholding, a ploy. They It was more effective than messing with and blackmailing the president. It Would have. At their joint news conference in Finland, when Trump appeared together. Putin Finished of that Russia’s intervention in the 2016 US election almost completely lost Hill.

“I wanted to finish the whole thing.” They Writes. “I thought of throwing or seizing a foot and throwing myself in the line of journalists behind me. But that would only add to the humiliating spectacle.

Still in Trump. They A rare sight if talent is finally lost. They Many spoke the language of the average person, hated the same things, walked without filters, liked the same food and pleased the tiring principles of the elite. When Hillary Clinton sipped champagne with donors, Trump was there with coal and steel jobs – at least that’s the impression.

They There was clearly a sense of what people wanted, ” They Told the AP “They Even if you can talk They Couldn’t keep up with my experiences. But They Got it. ”

Yet this skill was lost, They See. Where it could be used to bring people together for good, instead it was used only in its service – “My the People” as the title of the chapter suggests.

Trump’s falsehood was also destroyed. of that Meeting in Helsinki. Putin And deal with the possibility of overcoming any weapon. Russia. Questions at the news conference “found in favor of the heart. of that Insecurity, “Hill writes.” If Trump agreed. Russia Interfered in the election of that By, i of that the brain They It may even say, “I’m wrong.”

It was clear. Putin That the resulting reaction will also weaken vague promises. They And Trump did. “On. of that Leaving the door of the conference, “Hill writes,”They told of that The press secretary, in the ear of our translator, said that the press conference was ‘Bell’. ”

Trump praised Putin of the of that Wealth, power and fame, see. It, In Hill’s words, as the “ultimate rudeness.” During of that During his presidency, Trump will be more like an independent and popular Russian leader. They Similar to recent US presidents They Writes, and “Sometimes I was amazed at the obvious similarities.”

PutinThe ability to manipulate the Russian political system to stay in power, possibly indefinitely, also gave an impression. “Trump looked at him and said, ‘What’s not to like about this kind of situation?’ Mountain Told the AP

The House indicted Trump in late 2019 for trying to use him, a Republican. of that In his first attempt to stay in office through unconventional means, which is to take advantage of Ukraine to weaken Biden, a mob in the capital on January 6 led a coup d’etat that he called “fighting like hell.” Had said

Mountain Has served as National Intelligence Officer for Russia From early 2006 to late 2009 and there was a lot of respect. Washington Circles, but it was only during the impeachment hearing. They The nation was introduced. They Became one of the most damaging witnesses against the President. They Served, undercutting. of that Defend it by testifying They Was sent of that Envoy to a “domestic political affair” in Ukraine that has nothing to do with national security policy.

They Started They Testifying They Impossible journey as a coal miner’s daughter from a poor city in north-east England. White house. They Also explained They The desire to serve a country that “gave me opportunities I would never have had in England.”

Very They The new book expands on this personal journey, a story told with outdated humor and kindness. On the way, Mountain The Brookings Institution Scholar is formed in the study of changing societies. They As a child, he was seen in the UK for decades as a student and researcher. Russia And finally, as an American citizen.

The changes in the three countries are strikingly similar, due to the collapse of heavy industry. What is the result? They As the “crisis of opportunity” and the rise of populist leaders say. Putin, Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are able to overcome the fears and grievances of the people left behind.

She said she went inside. White house Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya Russia “It simply came to our notice then that the problem was with the United States … and the Russians were just exploiting everything.”

Mountain Calls Russia A cautionary tale, “America’s Christmas is the Ghost of the Future,” if America is unable to fix its political divisions.

Pleased with a more civilized form of politics, President Joe Biden is trying to consolidate the country and advance his reputation abroad, but he said, “He is a lone man in a way and people are behind him. Not moving. ”


AP Video Journalist Nathan Elgren contributed to this report.

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