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North mayors are “deeply concerned” about plans to scrap long-promised rail upgrades.

The northern mayors have written to the government seeking clarification on the future of the area’s rail network. Free It was revealed that the long-promised upgrade would be left behind.

Leaders. South Yorkshire., West Yorkshire., Greater Manchester. And Liverpool city area. He said he was “deeply concerned” by the flagship reports. Northern Powerhouse Rail. The scheme is to shorten, while the eastern leg HS2. – جوڑنا London To Sheffield. And Leads – Will be saved effectively.

Square Laborer Meyers – Dan Jarvis., Tracy Briben., Andy Burnham And Steve Rotherham. – It has long been argued that the development of both lines is fundamental to the economic regeneration of the North.

“The Northern Power House offers an important and concrete way to show rail voters that this government is sincere in pursuing its core purpose,” he wrote in a letter to the Secretary of Transportation. Grant Ships..

And four, representing a combined eight million people, added: “Failure to fully commit to this transformation plan would be a bad economy.

“In fact, not investing in the north now risks widening the divide between the north and the south and will only increase the burden on the treasury in the long run.”

It follows Sunday’s revelations. That next week’s Integrated Rail Plan will see very little investment in Northern Capacity, which was previously publicly promised and privately hinted at.

To save money, it is understood that the tips through the underground station. Manchester – which will reduce the infamous barrier around the city – will be denied.

BradfordMeanwhile, the new East-West NPR line will not be included – despite the city having a population of half a million and ideally located between Leeds and Manchester.

HS2’s Yorkshire leg and Liverpool’s encouragement will both be hit in the long haul.

Louis Gattens, chairperson of Transport for the North, responded to the reports by calling the possible downturn “disappointing.”

He said: “The prime minister had just said last week in Manchester that transport was ‘one of the top levelers’ and he was very clear that he would ‘rail the Northern Power House’.

“Anything less than a full connection between the North East and the North West will not only be bad news for those living in the North, but it is also one of the biggest decisions for our country in a generation,” he added. .

Responding to initial reports of downgrades, spokesman. Department of Transportation. He said: “The Integrated Rail Plan will soon outline how major rail projects, including HS2 Phase 2B and other transformation projects such as Northern Power House Rail, can be combined to provide reliable train services. We will do what North and Midlands travelers need and deserve. ”

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