Not getting vaccinated can be child abuse

She was only in her 30s when COVID-19 kept her in the hospital for three nights. The woman I know well eventually tested negative, but then “Long COVID” took over. Previously healthy, she is now suffering from a disabling inflammatory disease. He may need a year to fully recover – and some don’t.

Do I need to add that he was not vaccinated? This familiarity doesn’t fit the typical profile of people who refuse to take their shots. He is highly educated and politically on the left, even though he is far away.

However the story does not end here. Her 10-month-old baby came down with COVID-19, most likely passed on from her. Fortunately, the baby developed a mild fever, but his mother is unable to feed him now. The father cannot go to work as he is taking care of both the mother and the child. His family life is busy.

“For them not to be vaccinated is child abuse,” a prominent science writer told me. He almost retracted that harsh statement, but didn’t. And I had to agree.

French President Emmanuel Macron has let loose recently by declaring that he wants to “urinate” his citizens who will not be vaccinated by banning public places. Macron clearly thinks it is politically safe to join the growing public anger over the minorities perpetuating the pandemic.

There is a story of Canadians who misbehaved badly on a recently chartered flight to Mexico. They carried around alcohol, didn’t wear masks, and in one case, even vapors on the ship. Those attending the party included TV personalities, social media influencers and other cultural leaders.

Airlines are leaving most of them to Mexico.

Back in the US, the now unvaccinated fury at intensive care unit beds is out in the open. You can tell by reporting.

In Iowa, retired school superintendent Dale Weeks waited 15 days to get a bed at a major hospital that could treat his sepsis, a condition that demanded immediate treatment. He died.

A child wears a pin received after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
Jeff Kowalski / AFP via Getty Images

The media also picked up Ray Demonia, an Alabama businessman who suffered a cardiac emergency and needed special care. Demonia died after being turned away from 43 hospitals in three states.

Meanwhile, hospitals are witnessing an alarming rise in mistreatment of their staff by COVID-19 patients and their visitors. Initially, these caregivers were revered as heroes risking their lives to save others. Many attribute the new violence to public frustration over the current health crisis.

It also undoubtedly reflects a change in the demographics of the critically ill COVID-19 population. Initially, before vaccines were readily available, all types of infected people became seriously ill. Most of the people who are now hospitalized have not been vaccinated.

The group is heavily loaded with self-righteous “conservatives,” trained by the former president and his impersonators to ignore medical experts, stew with indignation, and vent their anger. Some of his visitors throw tantrums when asked to wear masks. Hospital staff have been suffering broken bones, chest punches and racial slurs.

The new mom I’m referring to above is on the far left, but shares some of the high dudgeons of the right. She likes to flaunt power. (She made fun of social distancing.) She probably thought she would survive COVID-19 without becoming seriously ill.

As for the chances that she will recover but transmit the virus to more vulnerable people… well, not her problem. Correct? This lack of concern appears to extend to her newborn.

The vaccinated majority is rapidly losing interest in the fate of the illiterate – and it is keeping it diplomatically. The latter can be irresponsible, ignorant, selfish, mentally unbalanced or any combination of the above. We just have pity on the innocent people around them.

Froma Harrop is an award-winning journalist, author and syndicated columnist.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author.