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‘Not normal behavior’: How the mother of the murdered Libby Square wants to end the plague of indecent exposure.

Every morning, while she’s still in bed, Lisa Square arrives at her phone first to see pictures of her daughter. لببی۔. Sometimes she hears a voicemail that the young man has left. Later, she would sit on her sofa with a cup of tea, turn on the TV, and watch a 30-second laughing clip.

“And then he’s here with me again,” she says today. “I still have that relationship with him.”

It’s been three years since a 21-year-old girl was raped and murdered overnight. plough Where she lived as a student.

“I wish I could say time makes it easier but I don’t want to lie,” says Lisa. Hi Wii Combi.. “As long as I haven’t seen it, I’m in agony. I’ve started to have physical pain in my left arm. I’m sure my body is reacting to not being able to embrace it.”

If the pain only increases with time, however, it seems that Lisa is determined that her daughter’s death will not be in vain.

This summer he launched a campaign to take so-called low-level sexual abuse – for example flashing or vivarism – more seriously in British law.

Now, she’s talking. Free After the end of Sarah Award. Last week’s case because he believes there has never been a better time to end the plague of indecent exposure in the UK.

In both murders, the killers were known for a long history of such deviations. Butcher Paul Relochs, 26, who snatched Libby, repeatedly masturbated looking out of students’ bedroom windows. Van Cousins ​​- the police officer who raped and strangled Sarah – revealed himself at McDonald’s just a few weeks ago. Despite this, apparently no alarm went off.

Lisa’s campaign – already supported by cross-party heavyweight MPs Diana Johnson and Steve Barker – is to tag such criminals and try to stop their behavior from growing.

“Flashing or masturbating on street corners – these are massive red flags,” says Lisa. “We know there are a lot of rapists and murderers who have started their insults in this way.” And yet, we ignore it. We find it somehow funny enough, a dirty old man in Mac, beach postcard stuff. Well, that’s not funny. This is very painful for the victims. And it’s a warning that this man could be capable of something worse. This is not normal behavior. Ordinary people do not show their genitals like this.

Lisa said it all. Priti Patel When she met him last month. The Home Secretary was sensible and compassionate and busy. After that Lisa left and she hasn’t heard back since. “Worrying,” she says. “Women are being killed for being inactive.”

(Lisa Square)

Libby herself – the eldest of Lisa and her husband Russell’s four children – was growing up as a philosophy student at Hill University when her life was cut short. After suffering from mental health problems as a teenager, she told her mother that she loved learning and was excited about the future. “A lot of things she’ll never be able to do,” Lisa says at one point.

She still remembers receiving a phone call with a clear explanation that Libby’s friend told her she was missing: 1.08am, February 1, 2019, when she was working night shifts. “My stomach fell,” she says. “It fell and it never came back right.”

She still remembers driving towards Hill at the end of the day. It was snowing and the motorways were closed. The usual three-hour journey took them five. As he climbed the vast Humber Bridge, he saw water and felt a great prophecy. “I told Russell, ‘She’s there,'” she says. “Don’t be silly,” she said, “but I’m her mother.” All i knew I was horrified to say that but I knew.

Libby’s body was found in the river seven weeks later.

What happened to him the night he was killed is still unknown because Relok has refused to talk about it.

Immediately after he refused to enter the Vallee nightclub, his friends put him in a taxi. Although the driver dropped her off at home, she never got inside. Instead, she wandered the streets.

When Relox, a father of two from Poland, approached her and put her in his car, experts said she would have fainted and suffered from hypothermia. She was defenseless. He took her to a park where he raped her and threw her into the Hill River, either dying or already dead. The only thing Relox revealed in court was that he called his mother during the whole ordeal.

As the trial began in January, Lisa spent a day and a half watching Relox. “He was a monster and he was just pitiable,” she says. “There was nothing wrong with that. He was very, very weak.”

She was sentenced to life in prison with at least 27 years old, but Lisa still thinks she should have had more. “He’ll be my age when he’s out,” she says. “It’s not life.”

(Lisa Square)

The assassination of Sarah Everard in March did not bring her back to all her horrors as it never went away – but it made her realize that something had to be done to keep the roads safe.

Is he in touch with Sarah’s parents? Not yet but he will. “It’s very similar to the way we’re going,” she says. It’s passing, I’m here, I’m happy to talk. ”

His own family, he says, is still struggling. Russell can’t watch lobby videos like Lobby. Sister Beth – who went to university herself this year – has spoken out about her concerns next Christmas at the age of 21. “She said she was scared because she would be older than Libby,” says Lisa. “I said, ‘No, you won’t … she’s always growing up with us.’ But everyone deals with grief differently. We all do what we can in a matter of days.

For Lisa herself, it now means doing her best to make her campaign a success.

“If we can only save one person that Libby did,” she says, “it will be worth all the effort in the world.”

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