The Stegosaurus had a brain that weighed only a few ounces – the smallest by the total body weight of any animal. He was probably only vaguely aware that he was alive.

I am not saying or believing that only a stegosaurus could descend into today’s six hearts, but you can make your own judgment. West was leading the king of diamonds, and the quarterback tossed his singleton clubs to his grandfather’s ace.

South then raced seven trump rounds. West had no trouble saving four of spades, so when South was in the lead AK and the third peak, he conceded two spades and lost.


South got rid of his club loser on the first try. What he expected to do with his obvious shovel losers is a mystery. South has to play a low diamond from his grandfather in Trick One, hide in hand, draw a trump, and take AK of spades.

South then leads the club to the dummy king. When E wins, he must return the minor flush, and S discards spades for Queen of Clubs and Ace of Diamonds to get a slam.


You hold: S 6 3 H 4 2 DA 7 6 3 CKD 7 6 3. Your partner opens one spades, responds 1NT, bids two hearts and returns to two spades. The partner then bids three clubs. What are you saying?

ANSWER: The partner tries to play (despite your poor preference for two spades) and suggests a 5-4-0-4 hand. You have a maximum response of 1NT and can cooperate. Go to five clubs. With 63, A2,9763, KQ763, you can bid six clubs, but your ace of diamonds is not a perfect card.

Southern dealer

NS sensitive


S 6 3

H 4 2

DA 7 6 3

CKQ 7 6 3


SQJ 10 9 8 4

H 5


C 8 2


S 5

H 10 7

D 10 9 8 5 2

CAJ 10 9 4


SAK 7 2

HAKQJ 9 8 6 3

D None

C 5

South West North East
2 C 3 S 4 C Transition
6 hours All passes
Opening – DK

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