“My wife’s older sister is an environmentalist,” Unlucky Louie said in the club lounge. – He’s always on a crusade. Now he is worried about smog and pollution. “

“What’s her battle cry?” I asked.

“He says the only thing we have to fear is the atmosphere itself.”

When I watched today’s deal, Louie was in the east with the west leading the king of clubs against the four spades. Declarer took the ace of his grandfather and led a low heart: four, queen, two. South then scooped up the trump cards from the Home Army and led the other low hearts from his grandfather.


Louie frowned. Eventually he put up an ace, and South struck a deal with six tricks of spades, two hearts, a diamond and a club.

“Duck the second heart and we beat it,” West growled.

“I was afraid the quarterback had a QJ double,” Louie shrugged.

South took advantage of Louie’s fears, but Louie beats the contract if he miscalculates a bit. If S’s hand is AQJ654, QJ, 654.94, the contract is unbeatable; Noon is some 10 tricks.


You are holding: SAQJ 6 5 4 QQ 5 R 6 5 4 C 9 4. You deal and open two spades and your partner bids 3NT. The opponents pass. What are you saying?

ANSWER: You are not being consulted. A partner usually has one of two types of hands: a hand to help with your spades to expect him to get your flush, or a hand like 2, A7, Q103, AKQ10632 with its own trick source. Serve. It would be equally correct to fold if your hand was more spread out.

Southern dealer

Neither side is sensitive


SK 10 9 7

HK 7 6 3


CA 6


S 2

HJ 9 2

D 10 9 8 2

CKQJ 5 2


S 8 3

HA 10 8 4


C 10 8 7 3


SAQJ 6 5 4

Staff 5

D 6 5 4

C 9 4

South West North East
2 C Satisfied 4 C All Satisfied
Openings – CK

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