OAK FOREST, il. (CBS) – After a mother and her two children are shot outside their family home in Oak Forest, their uncle tries to look after the mother’s two surviving children.

Jackie Kostek of CBS 2 spoke to the man whose sister was killed on Friday and said the only thing stronger than his grief is shock.

Nick Navarez is the younger brother of Lupe Gomez who was the mother of four. After she and two of her children were shot in front of the house, Navarez received a call from one of his nieces that he needed help. It was around 6:45 on Friday morning.

“She Facetimed me, and when I Facetimed me, I could see flames coming out of the front window and I was shocked,” he said.

Navarez left work immediately and went home on Ann Marie Lane, where he had recently lived with his sister’s family. By the time he arrived, the neighborhood had been blocked by police, fire and SWAT. Oak Forest Police said two people were shot dead in the driveway of the house and one on the south street. They said the bandit suspect, 44-year-old Carlos Gomez Jr., was found dead at home after the fire was put out.

Navarez said his two younger nieces, both of Gomez’s biological children, survived. One escaped the shooting and the other was later led out of the house.

“Thanks to the neighbor who opened the door for my niece. If not, she would probably have died too, ”said Navarez.

He shared a photo of his sister’s family. It shows 43-year-old Lupe with four children. Emilio Rodriquez, 20, and Briana Rodriquez, 22, children from a previous marriage, were victims of Friday’s horror movie. Navarez said they were good kids and fresh high school graduates. He described them as innocent and close to his younger siblings.

“They were working,” he said. “They always stayed home. Not the kids who didn’t go out were always home after work doing chores. I lived with them so I know how they are doing. ”

Navarez described his sister’s relationship with Gomez Jr. as “bad. He said he was getting ready to leave.

“I feel like he has lost control of her, and that’s what he did because she had lawyers involved, paperwork. She was ready to leave, ”he said.

And then it happened, a nightmare from which he says he can’t wake up.

“It’s really hard. I try to be strong for my nieces, ”he said. “Now they are without father and mother, brother and sister. Now I have to rise to the occasion and try to be there for them. It will be a big change. With everyone’s help, I think it’s possible. “

Navarez said he was taking care of both nieces now. He said one niece turned 13 on Saturday. The second is only 15 years old.

He started GoFundMe Friday night to help support your family during this time.

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