NS Mura 2-1 Tottenham: A long road ahead after Europa Conference League shocker


Antonio Conte as first run the change tottenham The manager and he may not have enjoyed what he saw.

From kick-off in Slovenia, Spurs looked cumbersome and clumsy, losing so many challenges and failing to impose anything on NS Mura, who should be removed with relative ease with all due respect.

Ryan Sessagan – Who was it Conte. name-check by Proceeding in the game – two careless yellow cards were sent before the interval and it only turned the tide for the Spurs by turning the cavalry on the bench.

it doesn’t matter Harry KaneThe excellent equalizer, before the last minute collapse, will be a concern.

While Conte is too experienced to make any comprehensive decisions so quickly, it is already becoming clear that he did not have the level of internal solutions available at Chelsea when he turned his season around.

Investment is needed. More needs to be done, both financially and emotionally, especially given the apparent lack of urgency in the show, if this team is going to work where Conte wants it to be.


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