Governor Hochul said on Monday that New York City will send drones to the Dominican Republic and more than 100 state troops to Puerto Rico as Hurricane Fiona’s winds and rains crush the Caribbean.

Hochul said commitments to support came after Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi asked for Spanish-speaking cops to help citizens deal with the extermination. The storm had drained most of the island of electricity.

“Next week, more than 100 troops from the New York State Police Department will be on their way to Puerto Rico,” Hochul told a press conference in downtown Manhattan. “We’ll be ready to offer other resources and support as needs arise.”

On Monday, a Category 1 hurricane directed its anger on the Dominican Republic, flooding the nation one day after it robbed more than a million customers in Puerto Rico.

The storm was expected to continue lashing the Dominican Republic until Monday night. Hochul said New York-based drones would help the country conduct damage investigations, but did not specify how many drones the state would provide.

The White House said more than 300 federal emergency services had reached Puerto Rico by Monday evening.

President Biden told Pierluisi in a phone call on Monday that a significant increase in meals will come in the days to come, according to the White House statement.

Mayor Adams said New York City’s emergency response teams are monitoring the situation.

“We call Puerto Rico our sixth district, and as Hurricane Fiona leaves a path of destruction behind, our administration stands ready to provide all the support and assistance our brothers and sisters need,” Adams said in a statement.

Fiona’s center was on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic around 11am on Monday, According to to the National Hurricane Center, but the hurricane began drifting over the Atlantic Ocean by mid-afternoon.

Catastrophic floods continued in Puerto Rico, weather service He said. Devastating mudslides and landslides in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were feared.

Forecasts predicted the storm would roll northeast after it left the Dominican Republic, strengthening its way towards the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Southeast Bahamas.


The storm is not expected to reach New York City. But Hochul has promised her condition will support Puerto Rico “for long-term healing.”

“We now have experience with our own hurricanes. I hate to say it, ”the governor said, referring to the devastating downpours after Hurricane Ida, which killed 18 people in New York last year. “We have more experience with hurricanes than we ever thought we would be.”

Hochul said she spoke to both Puerto Rico’s Pierluisi and Dominican President Luis Abinder on Sunday.

Jackie Bray, New York Commissioner for Homeland Security and Emergency Services, said Puerto Rico “is still in the process of assessing the damage” at a press conference on Monday.

Puerto Rico has requested two rounds of 100 soldiers available for the two-week stretches, she said, and New Jersey State Police will also send troops to the island.


Bray and Hochul emphasized New York’s readiness to increase its contribution if requested to do so.

“Nobody works harder to help others than New Yorkers,” said Hochul. “So I am really proud that we can be there to help not only Puerto Rico but also the Dominican Republic.”

New York State is home to approximately 490,000 people born in the Dominican Republic and approximately 245,000 people born in Puerto Rico, according to census data.

“I know people want to hear about the well-being of their friends and family,” said Hochul. “New York State will do whatever we can to help them.”

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