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October 10, 2021 – Mercury News.

When you raise your hand, you assign it an approximate value by counting the points of the high card and long suit. But as the bidding progresses, the value of your hand may change. Some of your honors may be valued, others may be underestimated.

Suppose you have Q 10 4, A 7 6, 10 8 7 5, 8 7 6. If he opens his heart, the Queen of Spades may or may not be helpful. Not all six-point hands are equal.

In addition, the “positional” value of the award may change. In today’s deal, South has 11 high card points, and North has opened a speed. The South intends to invite the game, but when the East, to its right, surrounds two hearts, the South’s KJ-6 figures to win two moves as if it had picked up an AK-6. ۔ So South upgrade they bid 3NT.

(South had some honors in his five-card club suit instead, so it would be easy to set up. Still, South must be willing to play.)

The West leads ten hearts, and the East plays less. Jack of the South won. South will not have time to form their own club. He would lose the lead twice, and set up the East and play the heartbeat.

So in Track Two, South Speak leads Jack: Queen, King, Six. Then the announcer has eight sure measures: three spades, three diamonds and two hearts. Because a weak game is insurable, the South must return a diamond in its hand to lead another speed – and when the West is low, Declare plays eight with a dummy.

The South has nine moves to win eight, but if the East takes nine, the South will win all four speed moves and nine.

North Dealer.

Both sides are weak.


Sak 10 8 4.

H7 3.

DK 96.


The west

SQ 9 7 5 2


D10 7 3.




HAQ 8 5 2

DJ 8 5 2.

Cake 3.





C 10 8 6 4 2.

Northeast Southwest
1S 2H 3NT all passes.

Opening Lead – H 10.

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