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October 11, 2021 – Mercury News.

“I played with my teammate to keep the perfect card,” Sai de Sink told me after his losing session in the money game. “It was quite unwise, but he was playing me for the best card at the same time.”

Sai, today’s South, took a flyer and bid 6NT on his third turn.

“I was hoping my partner’s hand was QJ 7 5 2, QJ 4 3, 7 2, 6 3,” Sai said. “He argued that I would speak for myself. His speech did not promise anything. He had a king and a queen, so he kicked the extra point.”

Club truck.

Senk won the first diamond with the king, took one club to the king of the dummy and returned one club to his jack. The cunning won, but when the West was rejected, the East was sure to find the club’s trick.

I didn’t tell Sai that he should have made it his grand slam. Even if he wins five club moves, he needs four spades – so a 3-3 interval. After Sai wins the first diamond, he cashes the AK of hearts. When the West follows, Cy must understand that the West has a 3-2-7-1 pattern: Cy leads a club to the king and returns a club to his nine.

Daily question

You are holding: S 10 8 6 H 8 6 DQJ 10 9 8 6 3 C 7. You deal and open three diamonds, and your partner bids for three speeds. Opponents pass. What do you say?

Answer: Your partner’s response to your advance is compelling. If he had a long suit but his hand was weak, he would pass by your long suit and play. Carry up to four weapons. Your high card number is sad, but you have three cards Speed ​​Support and Side Singleton.

Western Dealer.

NS weak


SQ 7 5 2

H 7 5 4 3.

D7 2.

CK 6 3.

The west

S 10 8 6.

H8 6.

DQJ 10 9 8 6 3.




Headquarters 1092.


CQ 10 8 2.


ساک 4۔


Mail 5

CAJ 9 5 4.

West northeast south.
3D Pass Pass Dbl
Pass 3S Pass 4D.
4H pass 6NT pass.
Pass 7NT (!) All pass.

Opening Lead – DQ

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