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October 13, 2021 – Mercury News.

Another letter came to my mailbox from the Society of Finishers, who punished me because the advertisers in my column deals never win the trick.

“Sir: We have to show your resentment once again, a respectable technique that works perfectly half the time – except for your columns.”

I think I should sometimes throw society to the bone. In today’s deal, West KA and a third club lead against Four Hearts, and the Eastern Ruffs and a Diamond: Queen, King, Ace. The South leads a Trump to its queen and – good news, bad news – cunning wins, but the West rejects.

Diamond loser.

The South will have to do twice as much tricks on Trump and reach out to the dummy to bring their diamond losers to the club hijacking. It requires three dummy entries.

On Truck Six, South leads to Dummy Ten – and Cunning wins! He squirms in Trump, gives the Queen a speed back and fins in Trump. He can then take the ace of the South Trumps and go to the ace of weapons to destroy the jacks of the clubs.

Daily question

You are holding: SJ 9 6 3 H None DKJ 10 9 5 CAK 6 4. Your partner opens one heart, you bid one speed, he rebuts two hearts and you try 2NT Are The companion then denies the three hearts. What do you say?

A: Your 2NT tried the game, and the teammate rejected it. His heart is long but at least his hands. One now has your disciplinary action. You may have bid for two diamonds at your first turn, but if you did not intend to force the game, it would be appropriate to respond with a whip.

South Dealer.

Both sides are weak.


ص 10۔

H 5 4 2

DA3 2.

CJ5 3 2.

The west

SJ96 3.

H None.


CAK 6 4.


S8 5 2.

HK 8 7 6 3.

D8 7 6.



SK7 4.

HAQJ 10 9.



Southwest northeast
1 H Dbl Redbl Pass.
Pass 2D Pass Pass.
2H pass 4H all pass.

Opening Lead – CK

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