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October 14, 2021 – Mercury News.

Maybe superstition is stupid. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Some defensive counterfeit cards are unpaid – indeed, “obligatory”. If you do not have a fake card, the announcer has no chance of being wrong.

Today’s North Steamman can avoid using it with its flat pattern. As it was, North South found their speed fit, and South played at four speeds.

West led the Queen, Jack and the third club. South Rufed, took a diamond to the dummy and returned a Trump: five, King, six. South then shrugged and led his nine: ten, three, ace. He won the heart of the East, took Trump’s queen to pull the jack of the West and claimed.

Trip lead

The West remembered a mandatory fake card. When the announcer takes Trump to his king, the West should go with Jack or Tan.

Then the South has the option to continue with the Queen, hopefully the West holds the J-10 doubleton, and the defense can win Trump’s second move. When West first hit a six on Trump. The South had no substitute for a winning game.

Daily question

You are holding: SA 5 H 10 9 7 D 10 8 5 2 CA 10 7 4. Your partner opens one heart, you lift two hearts and he flogs two. What do you say?

A: Your partner has suggested a new suit for the game. He wants you to cooperate if you have a loud voice or even a suitable addition that will help his other suit. If you fit in two suits, you can make a game with less than 26 points. Here, your four axes are enough to make your heart leap.

South Dealer.

Neither side is weak.


S 7 4 3 2

H 6 5 4.

DK 96.

CK 6 5.

The west

SJ 10 6.

H8 3 2.

DJ7 3.





D10 8 5 2.

CA 10 7 4.


SKQ 98.



C3 2.

Southwest northeast
2 NT pass 3C pass.
3S pass 4S all pass.

Opening Lead – CQ

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