CHICAGO (CBS) An off-duty police officer who was shot in the face on Tuesday in a traffic accident in Irving Park East was disqualified days earlier, and sources say it was because dr*gs had been found in her body.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Tom Ahern confirmed that the officer was stripped of police powers on Saturday. Sources confirmed Suzanne Le Mignot of CBS 2 that the officer was disqualified from the police because of dr*gs in her system.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the shooter continues.

At the end of Tuesday, the hunt for the shooter continued.

The incident occurred around 3:10 PM on Tuesday near the intersection of Addison Street and Elston Avenue, according to CPD Supt. David Brown.

Hours later, Tuesday in front of Jiffy Lube at 3630 N. Elston Ave. there was a strong police presence. It turned out to be one of four different locations with huge police presence linked to the same chain of events.

Brown added that a 27-year-old policewoman was punched in the face, but her injuries were not life-threatening.

Director David Brown describes an incident in which an off-duty officer was shot and killed in East Irving Park


The officer was driving northwest on Elston Avenue when the vehicle in front of her suddenly stopped. The perpetrator then pulled out a firearm, firing a vehicle that police said was a black sports vehicle – possibly a GMC Yukon with chrome rims.

The suspect escaped, but police later attempted to stop the dark vehicle at 5000 West Lawrence Avenue Block – in Jefferson Park north and west of the original scene. During the meeting, the suspect vehicle hit two CPD police cars and one officer fired their guns.

The CPD said no one was hit in this incident and no injuries were reported. The suspicious vehicle then escaped in the dark vehicle and escaped.

Northeastern Illinois University police later found an uninhabited vehicle at block 5800 North Drake Avenue, east of Peterson Park and North Park Village, and about three miles north of the shooting that started it all.

The Civil Police Accountability Bureau announced on Twitter that it “reacted” to “a shooting involving an officer near the 5,000 West Lawrence Block.”

Brown said the police had a potential registration number, but refused to disclose the number, speaking to the media on Tuesday after 4pm.

The off-duty officer was taken to the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, which was the fourth facility with a large police presence.

“I spoke to the officer and she says. She obviously didn’t pass out, Brown said, “thank God.”

Brown said there was no evidence that an off-duty officer ever showed or fired a gun during the incident.

He added that the officer was a probationary policewoman, which means that she was recently hired.

Brown expressed his frustration at people using the guns when upset.

“We saw shooting here in road incidents and really everywhere across the country,” he said. “Personal conflicts seem to end more and more as violence escalates. So this is our concern.

Suspect who shot an off-duty Chicago police officer still at large


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