Officials say they have solved a series of brutal 2013 attacks in New Bedford


Orlando Robles was indicted on 10 counts in connection with the 2013 attacks, which “shocked the community in fear.”

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According to a release from the Bristol County District Attorney’s office, nearly nine years after the first incident was reported, a jury has indicted a man for the 2013 sexual assaults in Massachusetts.

Orlando Robles, formerly of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, was convicted by the Bristol County Grand Jury on 10 counts: three of rape, two assaults with intent to rape, one of kidnapping, indecent assault and battery of a man over the age of 14. , two assault and battery, and one of use of a motor vehicle in the course of an offence.

The indictment is Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III’s Cold Case Unit and New Bedford Police after an investigation by detectives.

Quinn said in the statement, “I am very pleased to announce that this defendant was indicted by a grand jury for a series of sexual assaults that have left the community in fear due to the violent and random nature of the attacks.” Had given.”

In June and July of 2013, four women were allegedly attacked in separate attacks around New Bedford. According to the DA’s office, in those cases, along with four similar incidents in Corpus Christi, Texas, a case was made against Robles.

Robles, 47, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for an assault and indecent exposure incident in Texas. Massachusetts detectives went to Texas last month to interview him.

According to the Bristol DA’s office, the incidents in both New Bedford and Texas had many similarities: in most cases fraudulent or rapid initial contact was followed by the use of violent force and attempted rape of the victim. In all cases the man fled immediately after.

The first incident in New Bedford occurred on June 7, 2013, when a driver allegedly offered the woman a ride, and then did not drive to the woman’s destination and did not let her out of the car, according to the DA’s office. According to officials, the man allegedly started strangling her and tried to put his hand in her pants, but was unable to do so. The woman was able to break free and exit the truck, and after a physical altercation, the man let her go and drove off.

A few weeks later, on June 29, a man allegedly opened the door of a woman’s car after it was parked in her driveway, stopped her from yelling and sexually assaulted her. According to prosecutors, she fought back, her son came out of the house, and they drove the man away.

On 7 July 2013, a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted near her house. The youth allegedly grabbed her from behind and assaulted her. He bit him, and he fled.

Following that incident, the DA’s office said that the police had recovered surveillance footage that caught a man running on the road at the time the woman indicated the assault had taken place. According to officials, he was seen running towards a small pick-up truck analogous to a late-model Ford Ranger, which matched the description of the vehicle from the first incident.

In the fourth incident, which took place on July 13, a woman was talking on the phone in a car when a man allegedly came up to her, punched her, strangled her, and sexually assaulted her by getting into her pants. . It was then told that he had fled the area.

According to the DA’s office, police patrols in the city of New Bedford were increased, and on July 14, officers were able to locate a vehicle that matched the description. The operator, Robles, allegedly committed a traffic violation and was stopped and taken to police headquarters.

Detective Stephen Taylor, who has been with the investigation throughout its history, interviewed Robles, who denied the harassment allegations and said he was in New Bedford to work as a scallop fisherman, according to officials. .

Later, prosecutors said police went to the address provided by Robles and learned that he had suddenly left and asked his landlord to forward his deposit to an address in Texas.

The investigation continued for several years, until the Bristol County Grand Jury voted on 13 March 2022 in respect of all four incidents from 2013. The Bristol County District Attorney’s office will seek the filing of a warrant against Robles, which will require him to respond to the charges before serving his sentence. in Texas.

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