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Ohio Board of Education Critical Race Theory Rejects Anti-Racism Reform

The Ohio State Board of Education voted Wednesday evening to repeal a resolution calling for equality for students of color, withdrawing its efforts to combat racism.

School board members reportedly expressed concern that the initial resolution against racism – which was drafted at the height of George Floyd’s protests – would promote division, with one person calling it so far.A crisis In our nation and in our country, with 10-7 votes, the board chose to replace the resolution with someone else who would “promote educational excellence” regardless of “race, ethnicity or profession.”

Laura Kohler, president of the board, introduced last year Resolution 20. Condemning hate crimes and white supremacy, laying the groundwork for public educators to study the concept of bigotry. It also sought to bridge racial differences with test scores, advanced placement classes, graduation rates, classroom resources and disciplinary measures.

At the time, Kohler admitted it. racism There is still a big problem in the Ohio school system, and “while we try our best to fix it. [racism and inequality]We have a lot of work to do. ”

The resolution was passed. July 2020.But in September 2021, he was challenged by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yust, who questioned whether the move was legal – and even accused him of violating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

In a ___ Letter Last month, Yost accused the resolution of being “designed to perpetuate and perpetuate a white supremacy and racial oppression.”

“Honest history should be taught in our schools.” Ugly chapters should be taught clearly …

Board members opposed the resolution. Critical race theory, A widespread misconception and the scientific concept of misunderstanding on which right-wingers are fixed. The theory that emerged at Harvard Law School in the 1970s examines the inequalities that different racial and ethnic groups experience. Some critics have accused it of pitting children against each other, including making white children feel guilty for being white, with little understanding of the concept.

Before repealing Resolution 20, some Ohio residents spoke out against it.

A resident Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well During a board meeting Wednesday for Critical Race Theory, Dennis Crouch said, “We must stop him in his tracks and remove him from Ohio and his country. [it] They will continue to eat us and lead us all to atheism and Marxism. If we continue on the path we are on now, we will lose America.

Board of Education member Brendan Shea introduced a bill to counter the previously approved measure, which is called. Resolution 13.It is understood that “promoting academic excellence in K-12 education for every Ohio student without prejudice or respect for race, ethnicity or profession.” The move does not take into account any discrimination that students of color may face.

“Critical race theory has been made a boogie man because he wants to get away from the real issues,” said another member of the school board. Retired teacher Merrill Johnson, Who voted in favor of Resolution 20 during Wednesday’s meeting. “And the real issues are: Are we going to do our best for our children of color so that they have equal opportunities?”

Some educationists say getting rid of Resolution 20 will only perpetuate more racism.

Colorism is blind to racism and promotes the idea that racial equality and equality have been achieved. Brookwell School Teacher. Mona Bailey “Putting this ideology into practice in a practical racist world will result in more racism.”

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