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OJ Simpson, Caitlin Jenner and Kenny Roosts in Kim Kardashian SNL Monologue

The word on the Internet is Kanye West. “Silent advice” Separate wife Kim Kardashian older than West. Saturday night live. First this week. But it can have the biggest impact on monologues. The late Norm McDonald.

Taking the stage in a warm pink velvet jumpsuit, the star of reality opened up, “I know, I’m surprised to see you too.” After receiving a handful of outdated jokes from himself, mostly about the sex tape that started his career, Kardashian offered a series of real burnouts about his most famous family members.

He said, “I’m so excited to tell you tonight that I’m so much more than just a beautiful face …” Basically, I’m more than just this reference picture of my sisters showing their plastic surgeons. Are. ”

“But one thing I’m really proud of is that no one can ever call me a gold digger.” “Honestly, I’m not sure how you become one. So I asked my mother’s boyfriend Corey.

Citing misrepresentation of her work and getting people out of jail, the host said she was following in the footsteps of her father, Robert Kardashian. “I really want to open my eyes to racial injustice,” he said. “It’s because I met my first black man. Want to stab in the dark who it was? I know it’s weird to remember meeting your first black man, but OJ is a sign. Leave. Or many. Or not at all, I still don’t know!

From there, she said it was a good thing that with all the “K” names in her family, her mother didn’t name any of the children Karen. “Somehow she just knew,” he said. “I don’t know how he saw it and not Caitlin.”

Later, Kardashian teased a possible choice for office before joking, “I’m just kidding, I’m not running for president. We can’t have three failed politicians in one family.

He saved his last punch line for the man who was allegedly helping him prepare for the show. Kardashian said, “I married the best rapper ever.” Not only that, he is the richest black man in America. A talented, legitimate genius who gave me four incredible children. So when I divorced her, you have to know that she has come down to only one thing: her personality.

Not bad for anyone with zero comedy experience.

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