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One killed, 14 injured in Minnesota bar shooting

A woman was killed and 14 others were injured in a shooting at a busy bar in St. Paul, Minnesota, officials said.

The shooting took place shortly after midnight at the 7th Street Truck Park Bar. Police say preliminary information indicates that several people were shot. Police said it was not yet clear what caused the shooting and no arrests had been made.

“We have a very busy bar, a lot of people are just enjoying themselves and then we had a few people who decided to pull out the guns and pull the trigger blindly,” said police spokesman Steve Landers. Without caring for human life. ” “And I think of this poor woman who was just enjoying herself. One minute she was dancing, smiling and laughing, and the next day she was dying in a friend’s lap. This is nothing short of a tragedy.

Star Tribune Is informed. All others who were shot are expected to survive, police said in a statement.

“My heart goes out to the woman who was killed, her loved ones and everyone else who was at this bar this morning,” St. Paul’s Chief of Police Todd Extel said in a statement. “In an instant, they found themselves in a hellish situation. I want them to know that we have the best investigators in the country, and we won’t stop until we get this crazy.” Don’t look for people responsible for the pin.

The 7th Street Truck Bar is in an entertainment district just south of the Axel Energy Center, where the NHL plays Minnesota Wild. Landers said he does not remember recent calls to the police service at 7th Street Truck Park Bar.

“It’s not on our radar as the place where we see this kind of thing,” Landers said. “We don’t see that kind of thing anywhere.”

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