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One-third of women do not have access to the correct contraceptives among coyotes.

A disturbing new study found that about one-third of women were unable to do so for long-acting contraceptives such as coils or implants.

Covid 19 has caused a lot of disruption. Sexual health Clinics are forced to close or run clinics with services, while staff are moved to work with cowardly patients or forced to isolate themselves.

She has struggled to get women the most effective long-acting reversal contraceptive option (LARC) of a coil or implant that requires face-to-face appointments that That has been suspended as a remote consultation by phone or video. Call

A remote sexual health testing service called Preventex, which surveyed 500 women who tried to access long-acting contraceptives, found that about three out of ten She has not been able to get this form of contraception in the past year.

Seven percent said they had access to abortion services because they had not had a contraceptive for a long time, while 12 percent said they were forced to take a pill in the morning.

Women’s bodies react differently to different types of contraceptive attacks, some with significant side effects from the pill.

Guidelines published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) state that women’s use of long-term reversible contraceptives plays an important role in reducing the risk of unplanned pregnancies.

Ruth Poole, chief executive of Preventex, which works with the NHS, said: Health inequality has a negative impact. ”

Sexual and reproductive health services were significantly underfunded and promoted before the Cove crisis, but the already precarious situation has exacerbated epidemics.

Earlier this year, Free It has been reported that thousands of women have had abortions after becoming pregnant, while access to contraception during epidemics is difficult.

Catherine O’Brien, British spokeswoman Pregnancy The UK’s largest abortion advisory service said: “No woman wants an abortion and ideally no woman will have access. Abortion services. It is much better for women if they can avoid unplanned pregnancies and abortions. For some women, abortion will be a difficult experience.

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