‘Only Child’ Wants to Separate Its Parents Over Inheritance Splits

A man contemplating cutting ties with parents has reportedly sparked a debate on UK-based internet forum Mumsnet, saying he was left with no legacy by grandparents.

According to a post shared by user Whattodo74639 on Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) forum, they are the only children whose grandparents passed away two months ago and their parents are the executors of the grandparent’s will. .

The user said: “I was always told that I have a certain amount of inheritance from my grandparents after they died…

The original poster states that the parents told them: “I was left with no inheritance, it’s just money that my parents are choosing to ‘gift’ me.” The user said they had not been able to access the will, as the parents would reportedly not allow them to view it.

A Last Will and Testament document shown next to a vintage pen. A man contemplating cutting ties with the parents reportedly said he was left with no legacy by the grandparents, which has sparked an online debate.
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According to a blog post by attorney Mark A. Freeman of the Widerman Malek Law Firm of Florida: “Most Americans don’t have estate plans.”

However, for those who do, “surviving loved ones often cannot find last wills and testaments and other important documents after death.

“The inability to trace a lost will may have some serious unintended consequences,” the lawyer said.

In Florida, for example, having only access to a copy of a will “leads to the same legal consequences as the decedent never prepared…”

The lawyer explained that the decedent is considered “dead ‘intestate’ or without a will, and state laws will dictate who gets what, regardless of harm to the family, rather than respecting that person’s wishes.”

The US Will Registry is a national database that can be searched to obtain information about the location and the last known holder of the will of those who register for the program.

“The actual will is not in the database, but its location can be described,” Freeman said.

The Registry website states: “Family members and attorneys use The US Will Registry to search for missing wills and estate documents that may have been lost, misplaced, or even never existed. Not having can be thought of.

“Not tracing the last will, or most recent will, leads to unnecessary legal fees, serious family disputes, and often separation.”

In the latest mumsnet post the user said: “My parents know I struggle financially at times through no fault of my own and know that if I have a part in it, it will help me immensely, and they Ignoring everyone now I begged them to spend hundreds of pounds on themselves (they tell me so).

“I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m not going to get any of this money, because I doubt there’s much left now… AIBU being a selfish one* to cut a parent* * hole ?!”

Several commenters condemned the poster, accusing him of being “entitled” and having “no sympathy” for his parents in their time of mourning.

chocolatelabradorthebest said: “OP [original poster] You are very attractive and entitled in your post… you are only thinking about money. Neither have any sympathy for their feelings nor any comment on you about your feelings of loss for your grandparents, it’s just that you don’t have any money…”

User girlmom21 said: “I wouldn’t cut off a parent in a will. They just lost a parent, remember… I never want my parents to enjoy their inheritance.” If your grandparents wanted to bail you out, they did while you were alive.

“If you had money left for your parents and you didn’t, that’s your grandparents’ wish… Your parents aren’t doing anything wrong by spending the money they left on them.”

User withgraceinmyheart agreed, saying: “If your parents have money left, it’s up to them to give you a gift or not. The circumstances of your life don’t change that…”

User sloquikstep said: “I don’t think you have any sympathy for your parents who just buried their parents. All your posts are about you wanting money you left Or not. Maybe a little more empathy and understanding will go a long way.”

Others were more sensible and were in favor of the original poster, such as Katsyn, who said: “I don’t think it would be unfair for you to cut them off. Whatever the will says, it’s a case of them putting money on you. Clearly. Basically their financial gain is more important to them than keeping their promise.”

User Arite commented: “I can’t imagine spending the money while one of my kids was struggling.”

Supersimkin2 wrote: “Ask to see the will and call the police if it’s not forthcoming. This should expedite your check.”

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