It’s probably a bit of everyone. In a late-2019 newspaper, David Karpf, professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University, cut the tide against the downplaying the effects Russian disinformation about the 2016 elections. The disinformation deserves our attention, concluded Karpf, but not our obsession, and Russia’s efforts in 2016 turned out to be somewhat of a failure. “Generating social media interactions is easy; mobilizing activists and persuading voters is difficult, ”he wrote.

In one amusing passage, Karpf illustrates the absurdity of “hacking” the minds of the electorate with digital propaganda. If psychometric targeting techniques on social media are so effective, surely such techniques will be effective in luring consumers to, for example, buy gym passes. But they are not. So why believe that such targeting can tip over federal elections – which are held every two years and therefore difficult to refine – but not for gym passes that can be constantly polished?

Continuing in his article, Karpf points out that disinformation and propaganda have traditionally been blunted by the fact that America has never had an informed public. If the public is not paying proper attention to the “truth”, do we have to worry so much about their exposure to disinformation?

Speaking of disinformation in today’s context, Karpf finds good news. “Voters weren’t buying in masses what Charlie Kirk and Co. were selling. If Republicans recognize that mass disinformation is bad for voters, it’s a step towards regaining power in the country, “he said in an interview. “It’s still a bit early to know what common narratives will emerge from this election, especially in the Republican Party network.”

Other explanations for the misinformation flap in 2022 include the muzzles of Trump’s serial liar. Before that, he could have stumped from the White House and Twitter. In these elections, his message has been suppressed by a ban on access to leading social networks and by neglect of the press that keeps presidents, not civilians, saturating their every thought.

It’s also possible that the voting audience, who never received binding evidence of a stolen election, got bored of conspiratorial ideas sold by the likes of Trump and his pillow-selling supporter, as History of the Washington Post indicates. People are fed up with chaos in their lives due to Covid, inflation, rising crime, layoffs and an impending recession, all of which can be documented as opposed to lies about electoral fraud. It seems that the process of social learning has convinced most people to pay more attention to real threats than imaginary ones.

None of this suggests that we are still out of the forest of disinformation. “I have long argued that the danger of disinformation and disinformation is not that it will directly change many voices. The idea is that it will convince the political elite that they can rule as if nobody is watching, ”says Karpf. About half 370 candidates who shared their views on the “stolen” presidential election, won office on Tuesday. According to a liberal report Center for American Progressreleased before the election, disinformation could change and worsen in the post-election period, as we saw after Trump’s defeat in 2020.

For example, Trump is doing everything in his power to make post-election misinformation worse than pre-election disinformation. On Friday Truth Social Posthe called on his supporters to help him stop the “very obvious FRAUD” from the Democrats so that the Republicans could take over the Senate.

Good try, Donald. But how likely is it that the public that didn’t buy your 2020 election lies will embrace your 2022 lies?

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