Organize your makeup with the 11 best products in 2022

Dirty makeup brushes? Pounds and pounds of concealer and loose eyeshadow sitting under a giant makeup tote? Oh no, no, no, darling! It’s 2022, and that’s not how we do things anymore. In this day and age, everyone everything is organized—from the herbs in their spice rack to the cleaning products under their kitchen sink. So, naturally, our makeup deserves the same clean-up treatment, too.

11 excellent products for organizing your makeup

Keep reading for the 11 best makeup organizing products. As always, listed prices may fluctuate over time.

1. Lux Makeup Organizer and Storage

Organize everything from your lipstick to your concealer in the Luxe Makeup Organizer and Storage without losing the visibility of your cosmetics.
container store

Organizational purists would say that all of your storage solutions should be crystal clear so you can see everything inside. Well, the Luxe Makeup Organizer and Storage from The Container Store definitely fits the bill! This sectioned organizer includes invaluable vertical storage and a handy-dandy drawer made of acrylic for that aesthetic look and that functional accessibility. You can fit a surprising amount of makeup in this organizer—though it probably isn’t for you if you’re a longtime makeup collector. With six lipstick spots, a drawer for storage for small items, and medium-sized sections for other products like concealer, foundation, and even brushes, this organizer’s durability keeps acrylics from turning yellow forever. Will save you – no matter how long you have it.

Buy it at The Container Store for $60.99,

2. clutch cover and organizer

Makeup Outfit 10
Never misplace your makeup brushes while traveling again.

Gotta stay glam on the go? no sweat. (But maybe pack blotting sheets—just in case.) The clutch cover and organizer really come in handy while traveling. Made from leather—available in red, black, camel, and navy—or ethical, vegan leather—blush or “mirror”—this is the go-to organizer for makeup brushes that prop themselves up on a plane, train, or automobile. find. (You get it!) Just stick all your brushes in each allotted spot (you can even apply a lip gloss or two if you want), twist, snap and goin’. The inner organizer snaps perfectly into the clutch cover for a chic look that some might even mistake it for your purse—not a makeup brush organizer!

$119 in kushi. buy in,

3. Stackers Supersize Makeup Organizer

Makeup Outfit 2
Do you know what got more makeup than what to do? The Stackers Supersize Blush Makeup Organizer should do the trick.
container store

Available in both gray and blush shades, the Stackers Supersize Makeup Organizer is for beauty gurus with a more extensive makeup collection. Does that sound like you? This stacker product from The Container Store makes the most of possible vertical space with four levels of sectioned-off storage for all your favorite go-to products. Think concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, setting powder, primer, and more. Then, just when you feel like you’re running out of space for all your eyeshadow palettes, there’s the bottom drawer that spans the full width of the organizer.

Buy it at The Container Store for $90.99,

4. Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Makeup Outfit 4
The Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer has over 19,500 reviews and 4.7 stars on

Another convenient, see-through option is the Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer. With over 19,500 reviews and 4.7 stars on, it Obvious That people love this makeup storage option. Here are the key features: It’s made of durable, clear acrylic, has various compartments of different shapes and sizes to accommodate all kinds of makeup and even to store everyday items or jewelry Can also be used for things like stud earrings or hair ties.

One reviewer on wrote, “There could be a lot in this set! I’ve split them up and used square drawer tops too. They hold most of what I regularly use.” They look great and go with anything! They’re sturdy and thick, the drawer slides in like I want them to be a little deeper, but they work great.”

$15.99 on Amazon. buy in,

5. Joybos Luxury Version Desktop Lipstick Storage Box

Makeup Outfit 7
The Joybos Luxury Version Desktop Lipstick Storage Box can store up to 15 lipsticks or glosses at a time.

This is not your standard acrylic makeup organizer. Well, actually, it’s only Elevated, The Joyboss Luxury Version Desktop Lipstick Storage Box literally looks like it should be $100 more expensive (though we are So Don’t complain it’s justified!) because of its luxury appearance and high quality materials. With a transparent cover, a gold handle, and an emerald green or white finish, this lipstick storage box holds up to 14 lipsticks or glosses. If you’ve ever been into bold reds or deep crimsons, this is the one for you. After all, if you have more than five lipsticks, now is the time to put your lipsticks in their own separate place. Otherwise, you’ll never find the color you’re looking for!

$15.95 at Joyboss . buy in,

6. ventilated brush holder

Makeup Outfit 8
You can neatly store up to 12 makeup brushes per ventilated brush holder.
still peace

You’ve never seen makeup brush storage like this! Available in either white or pink,’s Ventilated Brush Holder holds up to 12 brushes. This holder protects the delicate fibers on each brush from environmental dust and dirt. The holder can also be turned upside down and opened to provide ventilation after brushing. It stores neatly almost anywhere on your nightstand, vanity, bathroom countertop, desk, and more.

$46. Buy in Still at Serenity,

7. Relwell Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer

Makeup Outfit 6
Stop stashing your products in your weekend bag and use the Relwell Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer on the go.

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist (get that coin!) or you have a lot of makeup you want to bring with you while you travel, there’s nothing better than the Relwell Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer. Made from high quality oxford fabric and nylon, this to-go bag has multiple adjustable compartments and plenty of space for your makeup tools, palette, and more. This organizer, with 4.6 stars and over 19,300 reviews on, also has slots for brushes and is waterproof, shockproof, and has spill-proof interiors.

One reviewer wrote, “I’ve had a ton of makeup bags over the years, but I’ll keep using it. The bag is sturdy, protects all your products. The organizers are really helpful! Just one section for your brushes and a flap that separates them from your products while keeping them clean.”

Buy on Amazon for $19.98,

8. 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case

Makeup Outfit 3
As its name suggests, the 360-degree rotating adjustable cosmetic storage display case rolls around.

Acrylic Makeup Storage—But Rotate It 360 Degrees! If you want to feel like you’re starring in a rom-com or, I don’t know, Mary Kate and Ashley circa ’90s movie, the 360 ​​Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case is for you. This 15-inch by 10.3-inch Makeup Organizer has garnered 4.6 stars and over 11,600 reviews, with reviewers loving how much makeup it can hold. The 360 ​​Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case holds 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products and other makeup products like lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner and more.

One reviewer wrote, “I did a lot of research on different makeup organizers because I wanted to choose the right one the first time around. I’m so glad I went with this organizer because it’s perfect! Very easy to assemble, And it holds so much product! Previously, I used to throw all my makeup in one container, and now it’s neatly organized and easy to grab when I need it. The 360 ​​degree rotation makes it so convenient . You will not regret this purchase!”

Buy on Amazon for $34.99,

9. Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Bowl

Makeup Outfit 11
No need to worry about product dripping all over the sink when washing your makeup brushes. Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Bowl Eliminates Dirt!
my makeup brush set

For every quality makeup storage set you buy, you’ll also need some cleaner that works well. After all, there’s no point in organizing your makeup if you can’t keep it clean too. Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Bowl simplifies the brush-cleaning day. The complete system comes with a spindle, spin device, eight different sized collars, a collar stand, and bowl. By cleaning your makeup brushes in the Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Bowl, they’ll be ready to use again in 30 seconds!

Buy for $39.99 at,

10. stone cold makeup brush kit

Makeup Outfit 9
ColourPop’s Stone Cold Makeup Brush Kit comes with 15 makeup brushes and a faux leather roll-out case.

If you’ve been going through all the trouble organizing your makeup (and makeup brushes), it might as well be in style. ColourPop’s Stone Cold Makeup Brush Kit features 15 beautifully designed makeup brushes with stone-colored handles and ombre bristles. It all comes in a gorgeous, foldable, faux leather case that’s worthy of a professional (even if you just enjoy glam for fun!) One reviewer said, “Oh my god, I love these brushes. I love them! Literally everything about them, their shape, their look and even the color is absolutely beautiful! Seriously these brushes have made my life so much easier! These brushes are the BEST!”

$34. Buy at Main Color Pop,

1 1 Readaer Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Storage

Makeup Outfit 5
The Readaer Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Storage has a 4.6-star rating and nearly 10,000 reviews on

Last but not least, we saved Reader’s Makeup Cosmetic Organizer storage for the full makeup hoarder. If you can’t even count all your makeup on two hands, this organizer is for you. How do we know it will fit in even the biggest of makeup collections? It has two large drawers, two large drawers, eight smaller drawers, and 16 top compartments that can hold at least 18 makeup brushes, 18 lipsticks, 15 nail polishes, 15 eyeliners, six large eye shadow palettes, and well. More, Because it’s all in the details, this 4-piece makeup organizer also interlocks securely with anti-slip mats and is stackable.

One reviewer on wrote, “Stackable, sturdy, and holds great! Just what I need to organize all my makeup, with room to spare!”

Buy on Amazon for $44.99,

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