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Outrage over Pete Land on Grass Estate several weeks before major climate talks

Less than three weeks ahead. United NationsCop26 Climate Summit, the level of commitment to deal with the British government. Climate emergency Amid outrage over “possibly illegal”, the light is on again Is burning Of Petland On Crappy shooting Real Estate in Northern England

More than 100 fires have been reported in four days in the carbon-rich Petland, with security groups claiming that despite government restrictions on the exercise, groups have questioned the effectiveness of the law.

Morelands have long been burned to accelerate the growth of fresh heather on which red grass shoots are raised for feed. But in an effort to protect the stomach, the practice was recently outlawed, which is a global threat despite storing twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests.

Burning not only exposes the stomach. Fire, Which can burn for a long time and release large amounts of climate-changing carbon dioxide, but is also unable to erode, wash the stomach in canals and rivers, and leave the ground bare and absorb water. Therefore, the risk of flooding increases.

The belly also provides nesting and feeding space for many migratory birds and is an important habitat for rare insects and plants.

Of RSPB Defra and Natural England have been called upon to “immediately investigate possible illegal pet land burning”, citing an open-air fire at the Grass Shooting Estate, Walsha Moore, near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

during this, Green peace He said that by October 10, drone footage of 109 fires in Peterland was burning inside North York Moors, Peak District and Yorkshire Dallas National Parks.

However, it is difficult to assess the legal status of arson, as the law states that it is illegal to burn unlicensed fires at a depth of more than 40 cm in protected areas.

Dr Pat Thompson, Senior Policy Officer, RSPB, said: “It is outrageous that we are seeing our Petlands burn during the hosting of Cop26 in Glasgow, UK. In terms of carbon storage.

“Every burn on the stomach destroys important plants and exposes the surface of the stomach. It both causes erosion because the carbon in the stomach is released into the air or goes into our rivers, which causes pollution.” Is.

“This process also reduces Petland’s ability to slow down the flow of water, which further complicates the problem. It also leads to further flooding problems in local communities, which we have addressed.” As we have seen in recent years, we are passing through an important place in these places, and this exercise needs to be stopped.

In a statement, the RSPB said it was seeking licensing of dried grass shooting to better control it, which it sees as a form of severe and harmful land management.

Kate Blagojevich, head of climate at Greenpeace UK, said: “A few days before the UK Climate Summit was hosted, a fire broke out at our largest ground carbon store. And this is not a natural disaster, but a complete one. Is a survivor of the Grass Moore owners’ burning of their land.

“It is clear that the government’s rules are toothless and completely fail to stop this ridiculous practice that harms both the climate and wildlife.

He added: “By 2030, a comprehensive ban must be introduced immediately, with concrete measures to ensure at least 30% complete or extreme protection of our land and oceans.

The best way to welcome world leaders to a major climate summit is with smoke and flames engulfing our largest carbon store.

RSPB has recently launched. A new app People report burns on the stomach.

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