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Palm is trying to make a comeback.

Palm teaser tweet.۔

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Palm may not be the name you’d expect to hear again, but a lot of people were surprised, company. Posted recently. Some teasers on Twitter A new gadget is expected to emerge later this month.

Although Palm has not officially released details about its upcoming release, teaser images in its tweets make it clear that Palm is preparing to release a new pair of wireless airbeds. A.Judging by the device’s salute in the background, Palm seems to have taken some inspiration from Apple’s ubiquitous AirPods.

F.Or the company most famous for making phones. PDAs (Remember them?), The decision to go into the audio market seems like a strange axis, especially when we last saw something from Palm. Was with the younger in 2018. Palm phone.. Unlike other smartphones, the Palm basically caught up with every modern phone trend when it came to the Palm phone, which was designed to make you spend less time looking at your phone. Focus more on the world around you, while still providing the essential functionality of a smartphone.

However, in an effort to make a comeback, Palm seems to be adopting a more conservative approach by launching a simpler and cheaper device in its upcoming Airbeds. That’s the kind of strategy we’ve seen recently with OnePlus co-founder Carl PE’s new company, Nothing, which launched similarly. Wireless airbeds earlier this summer. As the company’s first product.

In choosing wireless earbuds, Palm can lower its gaze a bit by making it a simpler and less expensive product that doesn’t require Palm to support things like OS or specific 4G or 5G bands. And if Pam’s new Airbuds are successful, Pam can use the proceeds from the sale of its Airbuds to expand its device portfolio.

That said, I still have a couple of questions, as the Palm brand is currently owned by TCL, which makes me wonder if Palm’s new airbuds will borrow any tech from existing TCL airbuds. Plus, back when Palm Phone came out, NBA Superstar. Stephen Curry was listed as an investor and a consultant. The palm, so it will be interesting to see if there is any input on the incoming airbeds of the curry palm.

However, the real challenge for Palm will be to try to penetrate the wireless airbud market, which is already fully saturated with numerous offerings from established brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and others, small (but still). Influential) Not to mention the gadget makers Nokia, Motorola, and many more. IIt’s a crowded scene, which means Palm’s airbuds have to be really special, lest Palm endanger the brand that has been on the run for a while.

And while one teaser has strongly suggested that Palm’s new airbeds support the built-in ANC, it doesn’t look like it will be enough to really highlight Palm’s airbeds. Regardless, the date of Palm’s announcement is set for October 26, we will not have to wait long to find out the real.


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