A parent who makes the family’s pets live outside permanently because their family won’t clean up after dragging the animals into the net.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dogs can be left outside, but it all depends on their age, health, breed, and climate.

The site added “it’s best to bring them at bedtime to spend time with your family.”

Photo of a dog file outdoors. A parent was dragged out for having pets outside.
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The site noted that dogs outside needed “some fresh food, water, and adequate shelter from the cold, heat, wind and rain” as Redditor has confirmed that they live in a “temperate climate”.

Meanwhile, cats are often outside, Purina said on its website that 90 percent of cats living in the UK have “the freedom to come and go as they please,” while the rest only stay indoors.

“If you live in a quiet, rural setting, it might be a good idea to set your kitten free, but of course there are times when your cat would be safer inside, such as when you live in a busy city,” the site said.

The owner asked for advice on this in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A ** hole called u / ravergraver, explaining that he had a puppy and two kittens.

The redditor, who is believed to be based in the United States, explained that he is the only one looking after the trio, even though it was their partner who brought them home.

“As these animals grew, none of the people in my house did anything to look after them other than play and cuddle with them,” they said.

They raged that they had to get up at 5:30 AM to walk their dog out before work, clean the cat litter box, and buy and serve food – and clean up after lunch.

“Of course I also had to clean up after them when I got home and inevitably no one would care and the floor was a mess.

“If I had ‘forced’ my partner or children to do this, they would have half done it to the point where they might as well not be concerned about it. Same with plants, ”they said.

The parent explained that the home herb garden was also neglected, leading to the removal of dead leaves, soil and worms.

“I am busy and these are not my chosen hobbies. I like animals well enough, but they require a lot of work and destroy the house when they are not occupied.

“I grew up in a family that gathered animals and our home was always nasty, smelly and embarrassing. I swear when I have my own place it will be different.

“Cats pee / splash everywhere if I don’t get to the litter box in time and the dog chews things up and leaves a lot of mess on the floor if I don’t walk. him when it gets cold, ”they said.

I bought a dog house and announced that he would be living outside from now on. “


In light of the situation, after more than a year of struggle, they bought a dog kennel and announced that the puppy – and the cats – would live outside.

And they confirmed that they had already tried to punish their children and tell their partner that he was not ready for pets.

“I bought a dog house and announced that he would be living outside from now on until they could prove they could take better care of it. Same thing with cats.

“They’re now” outdoor kittens “until my people show me they are ready for cats in the house. Of course, if the weather is extreme, I let them in. All the plants come out, ”they wrote.

A post you can read heresince its publication on Sunday, it has garnered nearly 7,500 votes in favor.

The responses sympathized with their position but did not agree with their solution. The main comment, with Broken-Butterfly-313, only garnered 19,000 votes in favor.

It said, “NTA [not the a**hole] for being frustrated or for prohibiting pets or plants. YTA [you’re the a**hole] for putting animals outside. They will probably just be even more neglected than they are now. Outdoor cats are a public problem. Take them to a shelter or save or find new homes for them. “

Others agreed, as Odubik said, “That’s the correct answer. If the house is not suitable for pets, move them to one that is. Putting them outside will only cause more neglect. “

Narwhals4Lyf added, “Please OP [original poster], bring them home instead of just putting them outside. You’re NTA for being on the edge of your mind, but you’ll be an asshole if you throw them outside.

In response, u / Ravergraver shared an update claiming that the only method they knew about finding a new home was with sites like Facebook and Craigslist where they couldn’t guarantee the quality of animal life.

They stressed that they took them to the vet every six months; are sprayed, neutered, regularly bathed, brushed and cut nails.

The chart below, provided by Statisticsshows where animals end up in shelters.

Infographic: Where animals are most likely to end up in shelters |  Statistics For more infographics, see Statistics

They stated: “I buy them top quality pet food and top quality flea / tick medications and heartworm medications as well as high quality food. My yard is free of fleas and ticks, we take care of the lawn …

“I have a nice, well-kept yard with a large, covered terrace and patio, where apart from the dog house I bought, I will have a dog bed, and the cats will also have small cuddly cats; It’s not like I’m throwing them into the jungle. “

They said their area was “national” and it was “not unusual” that they had pets outside, adding that there were only two shelters in their county, both of which euthanize the animals, alluding to the puppy having been mixed with it what is considered to be the “malicious race.”

“MY WHOLE STATE has fewer than 30“ no-kill ”or“ no-rescue ”shelters and is currently experiencing an animal overcrowding epidemic that wiped out over 10,000 last month.

“So no, I don’t want to just” give them to the pound “or” drop them off at the shelter “as people say,” they added.

Newsweek contacted zu / ravergraver for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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