Parents of Camden County Students Who Contaminated Milk File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Guida’s Dairy – Greeley Tribune

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — Parents of South Jersey students who drank contaminated milk at their school have filed a class-action lawsuit. He says that the condition has affected his children apart from physical ailments, it has also affected them emotionally.

The parents are demanding monetary compensation and an apology.

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It’s an emotional toll that’s much harder to eliminate than spilled milk.

“Days later, we were still facing these issues,” said Dominic Wilson. “That’s painful. She’s saying, ‘No, I don’t want to drink anything, I don’t want to eat anything.'”

Parents in Camden County School District say their children are recovering after drinking milk contaminated with sanitizer at school. About a week ago, the transition affected dozens of students at the Center for Early Childhood Development.

“It was complete chaos, and like Dominic said, my son had this big black one in his hand, and I guess what does that mean?” Tiffany Gold said.

The big “C” stood for Cooper Medical Center.

This is where Goulds and Wilson’s children – aged only 4 and 5 – were taken when they claimed the Gida-Siebert Dairy Company had failed to prevent milk from becoming free of foreign substances.

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“As parents, this should never have happened to anyone’s kids, ours or anyone else,” Wilson said.

On Thursday, the two, along with their lawyers, announced a class-action lawsuit against the Connecticut-based company, which also includes another parent.

It blames the distress on both the students and their parents.

“For example, a parent unfortunately lost their job because of taking care of their child since he was out of school,” said Joseph Lento, a parent.

In a statement, Guida’s Dairy said it was disposing of cartons of 1% low-fat milk with a sale date of April 11.

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“Once we were made aware of this issue, we took immediate action and tested the affected product to verify that there is no food safety risk associated with this product,” the Guida-Siebert Dairy Company said.

“It should have been better monitored and it was not,” Wilson said.

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Eyewitness News reached out to the dairy company for a statement in response to the lawsuit. We are yet to hear back.

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