Is Brian Hoyer a guy? Would Cam Newton Reunion be worth it? Here’s a look at what the Patriots can do.

Cam Newton was full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, but that was not enough to keep his position as Patriots quarterback.

Mac Jones is injured and it is unclear how long he will be away.

The second year caller is likely to miss “many games,” according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. It has not yet been determined whether it will end in a few weeks or a few months.

Either way, the Patriots will have to find another option for now, as Jones recovers from spraining his ankle.

Jones said on Monday that he is getting better day after day and is focusing on treatment so he can get back.

But in the meantime, here’s a rundown of the Patriots options, including notable free agents, practicing players on the team, and sticking to what they already have.

It will stay on course

The most likely choice is Brian Hoyer, a 14-year-old NFL veteran who is in his third start against the Patriots.

Hoyer has a lot of experience in the New England offensive, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said on Monday.

But Hoyer has lost his last 11 starts, which is the longest streak among active NFL playmakers. He hasn’t won the game as a starter since 2016.

There’s also Bailey Zappe, a rookie who played FBS football in Western Kentucky for a year before being selected for the fourth round of the NFL Draft 2022.

Zappe played more snaps than any other Patriots quarterback in the pre-season. He went 45-71 for 462 yards and a touchdown against four steals in three preseason games.

The Patriots wore the same three playmakers Jones, Hoyer and Zappe in a 90-man squad this summer.

Famous free agents

Cam Newton

The former MVP started 15 matches for the Patriots in 2020. Although he eventually lost his starting seat to Jones, Newton has experience playing in the New England system. He knows what the expectations are, and he may have enough in the tank to do.

Colin Kaepernick

It’s been six years since Kaepernick last played in an NFL football game, making it a complete long shot. But he has led the team to the Super Bowl in the past. And the reason he didn’t play was more for his protest than for his performance.

Mike Glennon

6ft-7.22lb Glennon started 31 NFL games, including four last year for the New York Giants. In his nine-year career, he made 47 touchdowns out of 35 steals.

AJ McCarron

McCarron was the first quarterback to win a BCS championship in a row while he was in college. He has not played in the NFL since 2019 or played in a match since 2020.

Selection from the training team

Patriots could also choose to sign a player from another team’s training team.

Teams may protect four training team players per week as per the NFL rules.

Each unprotected player can be assigned to the 53-person squad at any time.

Just like last year commanders recruited playmaker Garrett Gilbert from the Patriots training squad, New England could get the playmaker they keep an eye on if unprotected.

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