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Pecan Old-fashioned Texas Monthly.

I welcome In the weather, Our series is celebrating the most fruit and crisp vegetables in Texas. This fall, we asked local chefs to share stories about their favorite seasonal produce and create original recipes to make the most of autumn.

As the story goes, Zack Painter won his first job playing billiards. Painter and his brother were shooting at the pool against the general manager at Cole Benz in Denton. One stipulation was made: if the painter won the next game, he could come in for the position the next day and be interviewed. He sank eight balls, and that was it.

“We [both] Shown and we were so engrossed that we couldn’t even do the interview. “So, I got the job.”

After nearly a decade in the service industry, the painter has made his way into the ranks of tapestry. He now works as a general manager at Denton. Paschal Bar., A thing where unusual but accessible cocktails are common. Joyce’s old-fashioned mesothelioma is characterized by this accessible, delicious style.

“It’s a simple drink you can make for yourself at home,” says Painter. “You don’t have to be a bartender to add it.”

Cocktail is a riff on Monte Carlo, made using rye whiskey, Benedictine (a sweet and herbal wine with honey notes), and Angostura bitter. Named after the painter’s grandmother Joyce, the drink is a pecan-inspired bourbon, a small blend of sweetener from Benedictine, and a satisfying blend of chocolate and orange butter. (If they’re not already in your bar, it’s time to pick up the chocolate and orange butter, and mix the cocktails during the fall and winter.)

The painter says of his grandmother, “In the years that followed, she became a bourbon drinker out of nowhere. “Whenever she made browns, my cousins ​​and brother and I used to make fun of her, because she used to put healthy ingredients like nuts in them.” The painter sings a different tune. The bartender enjoys putting them in wine and mixing them with chocolate – not unlike Joyce.

Joyce of old.

Pecan-infected bourbon.

3 cups salted pecans.
15 ounces of bourbon.

Add the pecans to the bourbon in a sealed container. Let the mixture sit for 10 hours in a cool, dark place. Strain through a coffee filter.


Bourbon affected by 2 ounces pecans.
ounce ounce Benedictine.
3 dash orange butter.
1 dash chocolate bitter.

Combine ingredients and serve in a large ice cube in a stone mirror. Garnish with orange peel and pecans.

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