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Pelosi says supply chain barriers must be addressed at home and abroad.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged in her weekly press conference on Tuesday that supply chain barriers must be addressed in the United States as well as around the world.

Consumers visiting businesses across the country see empty store shelves due to massive supply chain disruptions and inflation, which is likely to continue until next year.

The problem with the supply chain is not just what happens here. The supply chain is a global problem, “said Ms Pelosi, who met with a group of 20 parliamentary leaders in Rome last week.” And that’s what we talked about at the meeting because other countries. There are obstacles in the products of even the ships coming to our country.

“We have to solve this problem because it has a direct impact on everything, because we depend so much on world trade and our trade is going out.”

President Biden will hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss ways to reduce disruptions in the global supply chain.

More than 60 cargo container ships, loaded with millions of goods and cargo, are waiting outside Los Angeles and Long Beach, the country’s largest seaport. Ships are expected to be stranded at the port for months before returning to Asia to pick up more cargo.

Meanwhile, US products are in Chinese warehouses waiting to be shipped abroad.

Awaiting delivery are truckers, who work for companies that are struggling to find more drivers and deliver the goods to their destinations.

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