People traveling on the A64 between York and Leeds feel ‘overlooked’

people traveling on a major road between York and LeedsRealize that road planners see their needs as “less important” than drivers’, new research has found.

The independent watchdog, Transport Focus, spoke to people in locations across Yorkshire, including those traveling on the A64.

Participants said they understand that vehicles are the main users of the road. However, the absence of paths for bicyclists, walking and horseback riding makes their journey difficult – and the trails that exist for them are considered “poorly lit and poorly maintained”.

In terms of his physical safety, he expressed his fear of high-speed traffic. They also found that their personal safety was at risk if they used dark, secluded routes.

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said: “It is concerning that cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians are not only underrepresented on the roads but also feel unsafe.

“This research will be crucial in helping National Highways focus its efforts and investments to improve the experience for this group of road users.”

The participants were invited to discuss solutions along the National Highways. Their suggestions included raising awareness of their presence with more signs, improving road maintenance and more accessible points for crossing busy roads.

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