About 1,500 aspiring shoppers waited 12 hours in line for the opening of the first HEB store in Frisco, Texas, on September 21.

They waited all night and the store was due to open Wednesday morning at 6am as the DJ and drum line from Wakeland High School kept them entertained.

HEB, the supermarket chain that originally takes its name from founder Howard E. Butt, is commonly known as “Here Everything’s Better” and has something of an iconic status in Texas, especially in the South. Despite the fact that HEB had 420 stores to date between South, Mid and West Texas and Mexico, there was no supermarket in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex in the north.

About 1,500 people were queued for the opening of a HEB store in Frisco, Texas. The store is commonly known as “Everything is better here.”

This is probably why the opening of the first store in the area gathered such an enthusiastic crowd.

“We have The Star, the Dallas Cowboys, and the PGA, but I’m not sure there was anything so excited about this community,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, the day before the store opened.

WFAA reporter Chris Sadeghi, who reported on the opening of the Frisco store, said that at 6am the place was “already a madhouse.” At 7am, he said the place was “crowded”.

Trying to cover live from the store, Sadeghi said that “he literally couldn’t hear the anchors or what I was saying. He just had to scream and hope. That was the scene this morning at the grand opening of @heb in Frisco, ”he later tweeted, posting his clip in the store.

News from Dallas reported that customers waiting for the opening were rewarded by HEB employees with $ 25 gift cards and other giveaways, and it took only 24 minutes to reach the line of around 1,500 people at the store.

The Frisco supermarket, located at 4800 Main Street, near the Dallas North Tollway, is a 118.00 square foot store that features a grill restaurant, full-service pharmacy, drive-thru and home décor department, according to HEB . The store will be the largest in DFW Metroplex, but eight more are reportedly under construction.

It will also have a two-hectare green space enriched with works by local artists, including mosaic benches and interactive sculptures.

“Opening our flagship HEB format in the DFW area has been our aspirational goal for many years, and the company has a long-term commitment to serving a wide range of customers and communities in North Texas,” Stephen Butt, member of HEB’s board of directors, said in a statement.

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