The deal says SBG will provide the hotel next month, but signing it “keeps SBG and Lindley Realty Co. harmless.” and a hotel for all past, present and future activities ”and“ confirms that their occupancy at Lindley Towers has been completed ”. (CBS) – Crews were in Logan on Wednesday for an inspection of an apartment building that partially collapsed last week. The destruction forced about 100 people to leave their homes. Now the city has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the building.

The city is chasing the owner of a building that partially collapsed from its seventh floor last week. Now residents have told CBS Philadelphia that the building owner is trying to get some residents to terminate their leases.

As crews used heavy equipment and took photos during a Lindley Towers inspection in the Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia, CBS Philadelphia found people taking their belongings out of their homes fearing they might be out of the house.

“We shouldn’t be going through all of this,” said Juanita Clark.

Clark and many who lived in the building are becoming increasingly frustrated after receiving contracts from the building’s owner, SBG Management Services.

“They’re trying to fix the building,” Clark said, “but what they’re trying to do is set us up.”

The deal says SBG will provide the hotel next month, but signing it “does not hurt SBG and Lindley Realty Co. and the hotel for all past, present and future activities” and “confirms that their occupancy at Lindley Towers has been terminated.” .

“If you sign these documents for 28 days, you’re essentially waiving your rights to everything,” said Clark. – And that’s not fair. I’ve been living here for two and a half years. I never missed the rent. Never missed a payment. I shouldn’t be going through this.

Meanwhile, many of those who live here had more questions than answers after the Tuesday night meeting.

Building owner was not a show after city officials said they had confirmed it would be there.

An SBG employee did not provide CBS Philadelphia with his boss’s contact details on Wednesday.

“I’m not available,” said the employee. “You know how to get a business.”

CBS Philadelphia tried to call the company but hung up. The employee said he was not authorized to comment.

The lawsuit claims that the Lindley Tower Realty Company lease license expired in February 2021, but was still renting apartments. It also claims that many of the residents’ complaints have been ignored for years.

There will be a hearing on the lawsuit on Thursday.

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