PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police say a suspect arrested in connection with the Rittenhouse Square rape is currently charged with rape, robbery and related crimes. The suspect was identified by the police as Lorinzo M. Clark, 42, from Warren County.

Officers detained Clark in the 1600 Chestnut Street area. He was identified through video surveillance.

DA Larry Krasner’s office reported that Clark has an active warrant from Erie County, Pennsylvania.

The district attorney’s office also said Clark’s bail was set at $ 750,000 for advertising when ordered away from home.

The tents in Rittenhouse Square are usually gone, but they are now set up throughout the park in preparation for the annual fine arts show this weekend.

Eyewitness News spoke to Sandra Sedmak, chairman of the board of directors during the final art show at Rittenhouse Square.

“I was in shock. I was saddened. But most of all, I was very grateful that one of our excellent security teams was on site to help the unfortunate woman who was att*cked, ”said Sandra.

Officers tell Eyewitness News that at least one security guard was in the square during the s*xual assault but did not patrol the park. Instead, they guarded the tents lined up around the perimeter of the park before the art show.

Officers tell CBS3 that the rape took place in Rittenhouse Square at around 1:45 on Friday between two tents on 18th and Walnut Street.

A woman passing by witnessed the assault and intervened. Police said the witness said something to the man and then ran away. The witness stayed with the victim and called 911. The officers arrived approximately 15 minutes later.

“He then ran away because of a witness who stopped the s*xual assault and said something aloud,” said Captain James Kearney. “Hey, what’s going on over there?” Which made the assault stop. The man got up, gathered his things, and walked north onto 18th Street from Walnut Street.

The officers took the woman to a special unit of victims.

Neighbors tell CBS3 it is difficult to comprehend the rape of Rittenhouse Square, especially when police say there was a security guard in the park at the time the crime was committed.

Police: Man wanted for raping woman in Rittenhouse Square


“It’s really scary,” said Rachael Goodman. “I mean, this is a really safe, very rich neighborhood, so just don’t think something like this will happen right outside your door.”

Goodman has lived in Rittenhouse for seven years and said police presence has been almost non-existent lately.

“There are never any cops in this park,” Goodman said. “Just like day, night, weekend, there’s no security. They have a little cabin in the middle. Nobody’s ever there. They must have cops.

Goodman said she would no longer walk her dog late at night and was worried what would happen to her neighborhood if the crime rate continued to rise.

“I think the crime rate in Philly is astronomically high right now, so I think people think the area is a nice place to visit,” Goodman said. “You sit outside until dinner, do a fine arts show, and now they don’t even feel safe here.”

The police have not yet released any images of the suspect.

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