Philadelphia (CBS) – Philadelphia Police released photos of a suspect vehicle and shooters wanted in a shootout outside Roxborough High School on Tuesday, which killed a 14-year-old boy and injured four others.

Philadelphia Police say Havertown’s 14-year-old Nicholas Elizalde was killed in the shooting.

It happened shortly before 4:45 pm Tuesday at 300 Fairway Terrace block.

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Teen dies after shooting five times outside Roxborough High School


Investigators say all five of the victims are footballers. They were shot after leaving the field after a fight involving Roxborough High School, Northeast High School and Boys Latin Charter School.

According to police, a green Ford Explorer drove up and fired at least 70 shots at the victims, then fled the scene. Police say there were at least two shooters.

“Biggest thing is that there is a 14-year-old who is doing what students do again, having soccer games at the end of the day,” said Philadelphia’s first deputy commissioner John Stanford. “One of the things we encourage our children to do. And to keep him from going home, so there’s a family today – again not taking anything from other families – but there’s one family whose son won’t make it home today, and that’s a big part of it. “

5 students shot in front of Roxborough High School


Elizalde was shot to the left once and later died in the hospital.

Another 14-year-old was shot once in the left thigh. Police say he is stable at Einstein Medical Center.

The 17-year-old was shot once in the right arm and three times in the left leg. He’s stable at Temple University Hospital.

The fourth victim is also stable.

The fifth victim was treated on the spot with a chafing wound.

“It used to be a safe haven for our young people, and now young people can’t even come to a brawl game?” Said Kevin Bethel, Philadelphia’s school district safety director. – It was cowardice today. Get out and put yourself on the people coming out of the field. It makes you tough, I think not.

“When you have so many guns on our streets, it is the corollary of that. Everyone has a gun and everyone wants to use it, ”Bethel added. “We talked to the doctor about it, it used to be hand-to-hand combat, now there is shooting.”

Stanford’s message to parents is to talk to their children about the inevitability of gun violence.

“Talk about what that means. Death is final, ”said Stanford. “I know a lot of children see things, they see TV, they hear things, but I don’t know how many of them understand that it is final. Death is final.

As the police are looking for people involved, school principals focus on supporting students and faculty. Principal Roxborough said Wednesday there will be a team of advisers on campus for all students or staff who may be bereaved.

“Our headmistress is here to lead these efforts in her school. It will be a challenge. You see she was in tears and was struggling with this process, “Bethel said,” but we will work as a team to make sure you have all the support you need at school.

No arrests were made.

Investigators claim that they retrieved 9 mm, caliber 40 and 5.7×28 anti-tank cases from the scene.

In response to the shooting Uvalde Foundation for Children in Texas extended empathy and a 24-hour crisis to support services to families and the Roxborough community.

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