Philadelphia’s school district says 36 more schools will go virtual this week due to staffing – Greeley Tribune

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The list keeps growing. The School District of Philadelphia is moving more schools to virtual learning this week.

Thirty-six more schools will switch to virtual learning for the coming week, joining 46 other district-run schools announced last week. Nine Opportunities Network Schools for the week are also going remote.

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The announcement came on Sunday afternoon, with the district adding three more schools to the list later in the evening.

While the district doesn’t have a specific percentage or number of sick-outs to close, he said it comes down to if they have enough teachers and staff to stay open.

“We are asking for their patience and resilience,” Monica M. Lewis, deputy chief of communications for the district, told CBS 3.

The district cited “staffing challenges” related to the recent COVID spike due to the Omicron version, the district said in a statement.

“It depends on how many staff the school has to determine whether they have people who are unable to report to work,” Lewis said.

A total of 91 schools will remain remote this week so far. There will be daily updates on new in-person closures scheduled for 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. An update will be added at 6 a.m. if necessary.

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“We’re going to be sending communications to families at 6 a.m. if we’ve reviewed overnight data indicating that a school may need to move to a distance learning option,” Lewis said.

Officials said they are working to ensure vital services, including technical support and school lunches, for students whose classes are closed.

“We have 24 schools that will work fast to go to the food spots starting Tuesday, and people can go and 10 food grab and take boxes — and that’s five breakfast, five lunch meal boxes,” Lewis said.

Juggling resources to keep as many schools open as possible.

“Schools that can open absolutely will open because we believe this is the best place for our students,” Lewis said.

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